Saturday, September 04, 2021

2022 Toyota Tundra: in the wild...

These are all-new photos of the 2022 redesigned Toyota Tundra. (Although we have seen it before HERE)

It almost looks like a Chevrolet Silverado outside. Since the Chevrolet is also getting a new interior for next year, we'll have to wait if the new Tundra is also similar to the Silverado inside. 
The new Tundra is rumored to offer a twin-turbo V6. And maybe a V6 hybrid option.
The Hybrid could help make the Tundra an interesting option for big truck buyers. Otherwise, I am not sure why this would be such a better choice than anything else in the segment.

The current one sold about 109 000 units last year. Over 4 times less than the Silverado and over 7 times less than the F-150.

We'll see...

Thanks again to a reader for the tip!


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FFEMT6 said...

The interior has absolutely no integration to it what so ever. The Ram has a much better interior imo. The rear door looks horrible too. I am sure it will sell because it's a Toyota, but it certainly isn't very attractive imo.