Thursday, September 30, 2021

2022 Honda Integra: a better looking Civic sedan...

There is no contest, really. This new Chinese market Honda Integra is the Civic we should have had over here.
It just looks nicer. Simpler. And, as you can see, it has a giant sunroof option too!
Something Honda has been offering overseas for years (An option on the Chinese Accord) but has never brought over here, for some weird reason.

But the most interesting thing, at least to me, are the wheels of the Chinese model. Which match exactly the ones on the US Integra teaser we saw a few weeks ago. (bottom pic)
This means that, as expected, the US Acura Integra will be based on the 2022 Civic. 
As it should be. 
The current ILX starts at around $26 500. If Acura keeps the new Integra's base price well under $30 000, they could have a hit.
At least, a "small hit". Since the fastback sedan market isn't what it used to be...

I also think they should have the Accord's 212HP Hybrid powertrain standard. And the Accord's 2.0 Liter 252HP as an option. Or for the Type S. This car needs to stand out.

How about that?


2023 Kia Niro: a look inside...


It looks like the redesigned 2023 Kia Niro will have a much nicer interior than the current model.
So far, it even looks a lot like the new Kia EV6 interior, (bottom pic) which is great. Since the Niro is a lot less expensive than the EV6. (The current Niro starts at around $25 000. EV version is around $40 000)

With the new EV6 around, the Niro EV will probably have a much lower starting price than the current $40 000. (The 2022 Hyundai Kona EV is now a few 1000s less than before with a starting price of around $35 000, and a 258 miles rating.)
It could become a nice alternative to the Chevrolet Bolt. 
The current model already comes with a decent 239 miles battery, and I am sure the next generation will improve.

We should be seeing the real thing before year's end. 

All-new Mercedes AMG SL: new pix...

Nothing really original in the new Mercedes SL. Which actually looks like a blend of every current Mercedes interiors. But somehow, I think it works. (And basically, the SL's interior has always followed other Mercedes designs)
It looks expensive, yet stays pretty simple. I think it really feels like a 21st century SL. At least so far...

More news and photos in just a few days.


Genesis GV60: new photos...

The new Genesis GV60 doesn't seem as weird as a few weeks ago when it was introduced with a  neon green color.
But it is still a bit hard to get used to. 
It seems to be trying too hard. The front end is a bit weird, with that black trim around the lower "grille". But it is actually a bit similar to the Mustang Mach-e.

Is anyone getting used to it yet?


Wednesday, September 29, 2021

2023 BMW X1: new illustrations...

These new illustrations look pretty close to the recent prototypes we have seen of the redesigned BMW X1 for 2023.
Looking like any current BMW SUVs around. Only current owners of an X1 will be able to tell the difference. 
At least, it's not as horrific looking as the new $83 000 iX EV.

Apparently, the new X1 might be using a new platform. And will be available as a Plug-in Hybrid model.
BMW sold less than 14 500 of these last year in the US. Which is much worst than I thought.
Mercedes sold over 25 000 units of the GLA. And the Audi Q3 was a bit more popular with over 27 000 units sold.
This doesn't seem to be a big market at all. 

I am not sure redesigning the same thing over and over will end up getting more people interested...


Tuesday, September 28, 2021

2023 Acura Integra: new teaser...

Acura has just released a second official teaser of the all-new 2023 Acura Integra.
As you can see, it is obviously a 4 door hatchback.

"Just like the original Integra, which helped launch the Acura brand in 1986, the fifth-generation Integra will be a premium sport compact with striking five-door design".
These are the official words from Acura.

I think this looks great so far. We saw the front end before (HERE), but the rest of the car is much more original. I also hope the car pictured above is not just a concept ( I can't see any door handles...)

Being described as a compact, it pretty much has to be based on the new 2022 Civic. But so far, it looks 100% different. And 1000% better!

New 2022 Honda Integra:

Yes, this IS the new Honda Integra. NOT the Acura Integra.

This is a specific model for the Chinese market only so far. I posted some early photos of it a few weeks ago. Now we have some official promo shots from Honda.
Besides the revised (simpler) front end and rear lights, it's hard to see why this model even exists. Anywhere. Also, not sure if it is more or less expensive than the regular Civic sedan.

I guess the main question is "why???"


2022 Genesis G90: a look inside...

I have posted so many photos of the 2022 Genesis G90 over the past months, I might have shown this one before... 

So far, nothing crazy original about the new luxury sedan's interior. I am sure Genesis will come up with something that could be quite spectacular since this is their top-of-the-line model. And competing with the new S-Class. And with luxury EV's like the revised Tesla model s and the Lucid Air.

Since an electric version of the new G90 is also planned.


Monday, September 27, 2021

New Honda teaser: which one?

The photo on top seems to be a teaser for a new Honda model. Is it?
If so, which one?

It doesn't look like the new BR-V for Indonesia (bottom pic). From the sharp angle of the hood, it could be one of these tiny Kei cars for the Japanese market. "Maybe a new "Box")

What do you think this is?


2022/23 Mercedes AMG SL: before you're supposed to see it...

 Here is the very first photo of an uncamouflaged all-new generation Mercedes SL.

Now we know what the headlights really look like, at least. (You can compare this to my previous post with the camouflaged car)

2022/23 Mercedes AMG SL: new spy shots...

Still wearing some camouflage (Especially over the front and rear lights), but you can tell this will be quite stunning. As an SL should be.

And it will also probably be the last Mercedes Convertible model. At least for a while.
Since there will be no convertible version of the new C-Class. And probably the same thing for the next-generation E-Class in a year or two...

I can't wait to see more of this when it will be introduced next month.

2023 Honda CR-V: new illustration...

The new illustration above looks pretty close to the various spy shots we have already seen of the 2023 Honda CR-V.
Which is basically a cleaner version of the current design. With a lot less personality.
Similar to what they have done with the 2022 Civic.
The next-generation Pilot will probably follow the same trend. Looking like a big 2023 CR-V.

Since most manufacturers aren't spending that much R_D on ICE vehicles these days, (Except for Mazda) expect a tweaked version of the current platform. And the good old 1.5 Liter Turbo/CVT combo to return.

This basically looks like the opposite of the new Hyundai Tucson. While the Hyundai really tries to stand out and be original, this tries very very hard to be 100% invisible. Which, I guess, is what many people want...


Saturday, September 25, 2021

2023 Toyota Sequoia: get ready for another monster grille...


Of course, after an all-new Tundra, a new-generation Sequoia is just around the corner. Again, probably sharing most of its styling with the Tundra.
The current Sequoia's grille is actually not as big as the 2021 Tundra. So the new SUV could have a slightly smaller grille than the 2022 Tundra monster. ( Anything would help)

Otherwise, I am not expecting anything great, after seeing the new Tundra...

Just posting this as a reminder... Toyota's latest design work.

Things I see around town...

This week, things I've seen include 2 Chevrolets, Toyota, and a Jeep.

Can you guess what they are and the years?

Friday, September 24, 2021

New EV from Foxconn: from iPhones to electric car...


Foxconn is mostly known around the world for making the iPhone for Apple.

But the Tawainese company also makes the iPad, Kindle, Playstation, Xbox, and much more. They also own the Sharp and Belkin brands. And they basically have factories all around the world.

They even broke ground on a TV screen factory in Winsconsin back in 2018. And later decided not to build TV screens there after all. Since they do have a deal with Fisker to build a new model (not the Ocean), the Winsconsin factory has been back in the news a few months ago as a possible location (although it is one of four being considered)

The car pictured above has the Foxconn name on its front bumper. So it seems Foxconn is also planning the build their own car, under their own name. Could it be a Chinese market-only version of the upcoming Fisker model? Or an all-new car only sold directly by Foxconn? 

And more importantly, do we need another EV car maker?

I say why not. Competition is always good and pushes things forward. What do you think? Would you buy a Foxconn car?

Thursday, September 23, 2021

2022 Mercedes EQS: US pricing...

Another good surprise as far as pricing goes: the new 2022 Mercedes EQS (of all things...)

Many in the press had predicted the EV would be priced well above the current S-Class, which starts at $110 000 in the US. Most were guessing a base price of around $120 000 for the EQS.

It will actually start at $102 310. Which, of course, is very expensive. But we are talking about a top-of-the-line Mercedes sedan here.
I think this is actually great pricing. While it is a cheaper alternative to the S-Class, it is actually about the same price as the Tesla Model S. Since the EQS will end up costing around $92 000 in most states after incentives. While the Model S is now priced at a crazy $90 000.

As you can see above, the "base" EQS equipment is pretty similar to the Model S. 
Except, it has a fantastic super high-quality interior. (The interior above is the standard dash in the EQS)
The top of the line EQS 580 4Matic comes with the crazy Hyberscreen pictured below.

Also standard is Mercedes quality. Although probably not what it used to be until the '90s, it is probably still far superior to Tesla. 
And the interior in general is just pure luxury. Something Tesla apparently is unable to do, even recently. Since the newly redesigned Model S interior still looks much cheaper than any car of the same price.
On top of it all, Mercedes gives you a real steering wheel free of charge!

A better competition to the EQS might be the new Lucid Air. (Whenever it actually comes out)
It will have a base model starting at $77 400 before incentives. 
(But the closest thing to the base EQS will be their Air Touring model starting at $95 000.)

The EQS is almost here and dealers will be receiving them in the fall. 
I really think this is bad news for the Model S. Unless "Crazy Elon" decides to suddenly drop its price 
to bellow $80 000. 
It doesn't matter anyway since they seem to be selling every single one they can build.
Telsa doesn't really have a huge capacity to build many more cars. At least for now. (Texas and German factories should start producing cars in a few months)
So I guess they don't really care.

Not acknowledging your competition is usually not a smart move. The "Big 3" had to learn that lesson the hard way back in the 1970s...


Wednesday, September 22, 2021

2023 Lincoln Zephyr: same as the concept...

It's always good to see a production design staying really close to its "concept" preview. It looks like it will be the case with the upcoming Lincoln Zephyr.
We saw the concept last April, and now these patent drawings for the production version look almost exactly the same.
Which was expected, since the "concept" wasn't that futuristic, to begin with. But you never know...

I do like Lincoln's new grille design. Which is more original and less crude than what they currently have over here.

Surprisingly, the Concept was not an EV. So this would be replacing both the Continental and MKZ.
But not in the US.
Since the Zephyr will be a Chinese market only. Where sedans still sell in good numbers.

This is the concept's interior. Which apparently, could very well be mostly carried over to the production version.

I think Lincoln could use an EV sedan in the US. Not only could it compete with the Tesla Model 3, but many others like the Mercedes EQE, and upcoming EQC. As well as future electric sedans from BMW and Audi...