Tuesday, August 31, 2021

2023 Genesis GV60: another color...

Of course, Genesis had to quickly show their new GV60 EV in another color than the weirdo neon green they introduced it with a few weeks ago. (HERE
It's fine to offer that lime color in a luxury car. But I don't think it is the best idea for a first impression...

This light silver pictured above is much more becoming of a luxury brand. Although that ridiculous pale blue console finish makes the whole thing look like a cheap toy. (That stupid looking "crystal knob" isn't helping either)
I know, there must be other colors/trims available. But again, why even show us this first???

So far, we don't even have any official pricing info for the Ioniq5 and EV6. But the Genesis version will be more expensive than both (With apparently no standard sunroof)
Which could mean at least $45 000/50 000 to start?
And that would put it in direct competition with the Tesla Model Y. No matter how you love or hate Tesla, the Y is the one people want. Most people will only buy something else if it is much cheaper. 

Maybe that's why they are still working on US pricing since it all depends on it...

Good luck...


2023 Subaru Solterra: new teasers...

As you can see, the upcoming Subaru Solterra EV will be the exact same car as the Toyota version.

Toyota has only shown us a "concept" version so far, called the "BZ4X". 
While the Subaru teasers seem to show their production model.

Outside, the main differences between the concept and production versions seem to be the plastic cladding. Which is the usual matt finish on the production car.
And unfortunately, that rear side window has been replaced by a piece of matt plastic (Although it could have also been a glossy finished plastic on the concept, and not an actual window)
Inside, the stupid Yoke steering from the concept has of course been replaced by a real steering wheel. 
Otherwise, it's exactly the same.

I am glad to see Subaru coming up with a new EV. But it would have been nice to see an original design. (At least pretend!)
Not sure how that works for the Toyota GT86/Subaru BRZ... They seem to sell equally poorly at around 2200 units a year each.

Again, I am sure the new EV will be fine. And a great competition to the VW ID.4. It also looks nicer than a RAV-4 or a Forester (which isn't hard to do). But I really wished Subaru had spent a bit of money to at least make it look like a Subaru...

This is just shockingly lazy...


2022 Honda Passport: now with the Ridgeline front end...

Of course, the Passport hasn't been a hit for Honda.

With only 39 567 units sold last year, it was less popular than the Ford Edge (over 108 000 of these sold last year!), than the Chevrolet Blazer (Almost 95 000), and even much less than the Nissan Murano (over 58 000)
It seems everyone in the US does well with their 5 seater mid-sized SUVs, except Honda.

To me, this comes as no surprise.
I mean, basing your all-new model on the 3-year-old super boring-looking Pilot will not result in an exciting model.
No matter how much black trim you add everywhere. I guess not that many people were fooled either.
If you really want something special and a bit macho, design something like the new Bronco, or even the Toyota FJ40.
Shortening your "Minivan-like" crossover won't do it... Put some effort into it.

There is an all-new Pilot due out next year. And Honda isn't ready to spend the cash on an all-new Passport, which means we are getting a cheap fix very soon. By crafting the Ridgeline front end to the Passport, Honda thinks they will fix it.
That weirdo grille looks odd on the Ridgeline, and it will on the Passport too. 
Plus, by then, the interior design will be around 6 years old. 

Good luck...


Saturday, August 28, 2021

2022 Genesis G90: new illustration.

As you can see from the spy shot, the illustration above is probably pretty close to the real thing.
 I am kind of surprised by the droopy rear end since earlier spy shots were mostly hiding it. So the final design could look a lot like an oversized G80. Which is OK I guess.

Unlike Mercedes, which chose to design an EV-specific model (the EQS) as their top-of-the-line EV, instead of an electric S-class, Genesis will offer a fully electric version of the next G90.
Just like they are doing with the G80. 
Which could be interesting. And a credible (more conservative) alternative to the EQS (?)

But that would still be for the very few. Since they only sold about 2000 of these last year. While Mercedes sold over 6600 units of the S-Class. With almost similar numbers for the BMW 7 series.
Surprisingly, the Audi A8 is far behind with around 2200 sold in the US last year.

I guess if Genesis only improves a bit they could actually sell more of these than the A8...


2022 Jeep Commander: more photos...

If for some reason, you are in love with this, you can start crying now. Because the new 2022 Jeep Commander is for South American markets only. 

As mentioned earlier, it is basically a 7 seater version of the Jeep Compass. It is about 6 inches longer and a little bit wider too.

Although, these extra seats look like a nightmare place to be. Except if you are by law required to travel in a car seat.
As the floor seems so high your knees would be fighting with your chin for precious space.

I am also not crazy about that chrome design on the D pillar. It looks similar to the new Grand Cherokee. It feels a bit gimmicky to me. I like the design of the Grand Cherokee L much better.


WEY new retro car/truck: it's, something...

This new WEY retro truck concept looks a bit familiar...
Not just that "Chrome Disneyland" front end, but the overall shape. 
When compared to that new "Fake Chinese VW" we saw a few weeks ago, the "Ora Ballet Cat", you can tell the profiles are pretty much the same. Except for the trunk and everything past the A-Pillar.
Which does remind me of what people used to do with the Beetle back in the '60s and '70s.
Where you could replace the hood with a fake Rolls Royce front end. 
I think this is pretty cool in a weird way.
And I guess somehow WEY is connected with ORA. Or they are the same company???

The interior seems as crazy as the exterior. Once a bit toned down for production, it could be quite nice. 
The ORA is an EV, available with a 59 kWh battery pack, good for around 311 miles in the optimistic NEDC cycle. 

A weird retro car like these with a decent range could be fun.
What do you think? 


Friday, August 27, 2021

2022 Jeep Gand Cherokee L: more testing...

These spy shots were taken yesterday. And I can't really figure out what they are testing.
Or why the prototype is still fully camouflaged. Since it looks exactly the same as the production model (bottom pic)
Maybe they are testing the PHEV version? Which has already been shown in the regular Grand Cherokee. And doesn't include a new design.

Kinda weird...

(Thanks to a reader for these)


Thursday, August 26, 2021

2022/23 Hyundai Ioniq 6: new photos...

I guess by now we have to stop mourning the really cool design of the Prophecy Concept since this Ioniq 6 sedan won't look like it at all... Which is too bad.

Sure, Hyundai will still be able to claim some Prophecy inspiration for in production design. But what's left is mostly the droopy rear end.

Otherwise, this could actually look fine (if you forget the concept). Too bad the fastback design doesn't translate into a proper hatchback. (Or at least, it doesn't seem to, from the interior pic above)
Just like many sedans these days, it'll probably get that super small trunk opening.

The interior does look quite interesting.
And the whole thing could compete well with the Tesla Model 3.
Which constantly proves, year after year,  that EV sedans can be quite popular. With over 220 000 units last year in the US alone. And over 439 000 including overseas markets.

With their 300 miles range, these new Hyundai EVs seem quite competitive. But there has been zero official info on US pricing yet. Even though both Ioniq5 and EV6 have been introduced a while ago...

No matter how good the Ioniq6 will be, it has to be cheaper than the Model 3. 


Wednesday, August 25, 2021

2022 Honda Civic: is this the Si?

These are pictures of a sportier Civic model. At least, it obviously has a 6-speed manual. Which will be only available with the upcoming hatchback version in the US (the above pix are of the Japanese version)
But the seats seem to have some kind of Alcantara finish to them. As well as that red stitching everywhere. Which is not available in the US's "Sport" version.
Although it might be in the upcoming "Sport Touring" coming up as part of the new hatchback lineup.

"Sport Touring" or "Si"???


New spy shot: 22 Integra?

Sorry for the poor quality of the pic. 

I am not sure what it is but the only upcoming 2 door model I can think of is the new 2022 Acura Integra.  Unless this is a cleverly camouflaged mule for a sedan.

The ILX sedan was basically a fancy Civic from a few generations ago. The new Integra will probably be based on the all-new 2022 Civic. Which would make more sense than shrinking the TLX's platform.

It also would mean an affordable coupe, which is exactly what an Integra is supposed to be.

No matter what this is, it is pretty exciting to see Acura, not only reviving their small coupe but also using their old names. It is obvious the TLX should have been the new "Legend". I guess it's too late for that.

At least, the "Integra" will live on...

(Thanks to a reader for the photo)

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

2022 Mazda MX-30: DOA...

Mazda is one of these car companies that people love. Their cars are mostly great. They drive well and look good. Plus, they are a rather small company, and who doesn't want to root for an underdog?

But, they have also made stupid and very costly weird bonehead moves lately. The most recent being their "Adventure in the Diesel world". A misguided idea that probably cost them a fortune.
They are also working on a new RWD platform and inline 6 cylinder engine. While it all sounds great, they are doing this while everyone is switching to EVs and stop spending money on regular engines.
Again, these guys will be late. I'm sure the RWD platform and the new 6 cylinders will be wonderful. But for how long?

Recently, they've announced their PHEV version of the MX-30 is "postponed". (Whatever that really means)
Today, they've officially announced the only version of the MX-30 available in the US, the EV.

I posted the pricing above, and you can see it seems great. Especially after incentives. It could bring the price of this new Mazda under $23 000. That base price includes a 9-inch screen, heated seats, and even a sunroof.
BUT!   The total range is only 100 miles! So, even if they claim you can charge up to 80% in 30 minutes on a fast charger, that only gives you a bit over 60 miles in 30 minutes.
A 100 miles range in 2022 is a killer. The Mini EV gets away with its 110 miles range because it is mostly a city car. But this is sold as a small SUV. One that you can never use to actually get out of town with.

I am afraid this will end up being another costly mistake for them. It makes you wonder who makes all these decisions. (And also, if they really deserve to stay independent...)

This is why I officially submit myself as possible future Mazda CEO. 


All-new retro model: from China...

 Chinese car manufacturer WEY has released this strange teaser for an upcoming model.

And it looks quite interesting. At first, it seems like it could be something like GM'sold HHR. But it actually looks even more retro. 

WEY is currently producing a bunch of "regular" models. Most of them OK looking, super generic crossovers that look like they could be from anyone or anywhere. At least, this stands out. And I am actually really curious to see more. 

Monday, August 23, 2021

2022 VW Jetta: unnecessary changes...

I guess VW felt the need to "change something". So the Jetta is getting a new front end for 2022.
One that is really not an improvement at all. New bumper in the rear.

The car does get a little bit more power (now at 158) thanks to the newer Taos engine. And the cool digital gauges are now standard.

I drove the current Jetta when it came out, and thought it was a very nice car. Even the basic model I had driven was very nice ANd the car was comfortable and very solid.
VW sold over 90 000 of these last year. Which is almost the same as the Nissan Sentra. 

So I guess the Jetta is safe for now...

Sunday, August 22, 2021

2022 Ford Ecosport: more plastic trim for the new year...

Just when you thought there would be a new generation around the corner, the tiny Ford Ecosport is just getting ready for a "mid-cycle facelift". (another one)
Which basically consists of adding tons of crappy-looking plastic trim upfront. 
Similar to the Chinese Focus, (HERE) but even worse.

Although it didn't show up in the US until 2018, it has been around since 2012. 
Yes, that's 10 years in a few months. I have never seen a really good review of this. But Ford still, somehow, managed to sell over 60 000 of these last year. Which is shockingly a bit more than the well-received Nissan Kicks. 

I guess Ford doesn't see the point, yet, in spending cash on an all-new model.
This will probably end up being the Crown Victoria of small SUVs...


2022 Ford Bronco: new color...

Ford has just released official photos of a new color available for the 2022 model year Bronco.
It's called Eruption Green. 

I think it is a great idea to add a real green to the new Bronco lineup. It will be available in all versions.
More colors are what we need in a sea of white, grey, and black boxes.