Friday, July 16, 2021

New VW Lamando: a look inside...


I recently posted photos of the redesigned VW Lamando for the Chinese market (HERE

Today we get to see the interior. Which follows the current trend. Such a trend that it seems everyone is designing the same dashboards these days. A basic dash with horizontal vents and some widescreen on top of it. It was quite original when Mercedes introduced this look (although with round vents) on the E-Class about 4 years ago. But it is becoming the default look for almost everything these days.   (Mercedes has since moved on with vertical screens sticking out of the console.) 

I guess these plastic screens are getting so cheap to produce they are replacing everything. 

Does anyone here miss real gauges? 

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FFEMT6 said...

Every modern interior is starting to look a whole lot alike these days. I think MB started a trend.