Wednesday, June 30, 2021

2022/23 Lexus EV: new illustration...

The top image is an illustration of what the new Lexus EV could look like. It will almost certainly be based on the Toyota one (bottom pic)
So expect similar proportions. 
I think the illustration looks really good and modern. Although the spy shot (middle) of the real thing does look more angular. And all that camo is trying very hard to make it look really ugly.

So things can only improve from what we see.



FFEMT6 said...

Looks really good and the spindle translates better in EV form imo.

Scott said...

So they're going w/ the make it ugly approach...then when it doesn't sell, they'll say 'see? EV's are a fad'.

Toyota today = GM in the 80's. Bloated, arrogant and only wanting to be popular w/ their accountants.

Anonymous said...

Camo version looks like an electric version of the corolla cross