Monday, May 31, 2021

Next Generation Subaru Impreza: new illustration...


I think the current Impreza is just OK. At least the hatch. Oddly enough, I also think it does look better as the Crosstrek. Even with all that cheapo-looking plastic cladding everywhere. Somehow the whole thing has a cute look and feel to it.

This new illustration shows us what the next generation sedan model could look like. And as usual, it's a pretty sad sight.

Subaru seems to put less and less and less effort into their designs. A good design doesn't cost more money than something like this. I guess they are popular enough that they just don't care at all. 

I just wished some other brand would really take over that market and come up with a couple of nicely designed compact and mid-sized wagon/crossover models. Something as good as the Subaru. With a good design.

Maybe there is hope for the US version of the Ford Evos? Maybe an even "smaller than Bronco Sport" cool-looking SUV?

Or Mazda? Except they just design SUVs. Not offroad wagons based o their sedans. This is really too bad. I really think Subaru needs to be taught a lesson for putting out such mediocrity.  

I know the pic above is just an illustration and not the real thing at all. But I have no hope for the real thing to look any better...

(Thanks to a reader for this!)


Patrick said...

Look at the Levorg to see what the next Impreza will look like. The upcoming WRX similarly has a face nearly identical to the Levorg.

Soul2Stinger said...

That dumpy frumpy greenhouse needs to go!

Anonymous said...

Vince said:

" A good design doesn't cost more money than something like this."

Unfortunately, that isn't true. Changing assembly stamping lines to accommodate a radically different design is INCREDIBLY expensive.

FFEMT6 said...

I am seeing a last generation Elantra resemblance here for some reason in the side profile, especially toward the rear.