Monday, May 31, 2021

Next Generation Subaru Impreza: new illustration...


I think the current Impreza is just OK. At least the hatch. Oddly enough, I also think it does look better as the Crosstrek. Even with all that cheapo-looking plastic cladding everywhere. Somehow the whole thing has a cute look and feel to it.

This new illustration shows us what the next generation sedan model could look like. And as usual, it's a pretty sad sight.

Subaru seems to put less and less and less effort into their designs. A good design doesn't cost more money than something like this. I guess they are popular enough that they just don't care at all. 

I just wished some other brand would really take over that market and come up with a couple of nicely designed compact and mid-sized wagon/crossover models. Something as good as the Subaru. With a good design.

Maybe there is hope for the US version of the Ford Evos? Maybe an even "smaller than Bronco Sport" cool-looking SUV?

Or Mazda? Except they just design SUVs. Not offroad wagons based o their sedans. This is really too bad. I really think Subaru needs to be taught a lesson for putting out such mediocrity.  

I know the pic above is just an illustration and not the real thing at all. But I have no hope for the real thing to look any better...

(Thanks to a reader for this!)

2022 Ford Fusion/Mondeo: new spy shot...

We have seen the all-new Ford Evos for China a few weeks ago. And Ford has claimed the model will not be sold outside of China. 
And yet, it is still testing in Europe (above) as well as in the US. Looking exactly the same...

They did the same thing years ago with the Ranger. Claiming over and over that it was only for foreign markets. And yet, it ended up here a few years later. Same thing again with the small Ecosport. We were not going to have that either...

I think we will be getting a version of the Evos. Probably called the Mondeo "something" in Europe and Fusion "something" here. (Or maybe Mustang "something"???) 
And it probably will be a hybrid-only offering.

The Evos looks very nice and even though it has a more "coupe" roofline, it would be a welcome competition to the Subaru Outback. Something stylish for a change.
Plus, a good hybrid version (Or even a PHEV) could be very attractive to many.


2022 BMW i4: a look inside...


While BMW did unveil the new i4 EV a while ago, they never showed us the interior of the new electric hatchback.
Now we get to see it. And it basically looks like a 3 series interior with the iX screen on top of it. I do like the current 3/4 series interior. I think it is relatively simple and classy.
Not sure that suer widescreen works though. It just looks gimmicky. Trying too hard to look like an electric car interior.

Also, the revised 3 series for next year is also supposed to get a widescreen. (And later the 4 series)
So I guess they will all look alike. The i4 might be different for just a year or so...
(I also wonder if there will be another 4 series gran coupe, or if this i4 replaces it.)

So far, we just know that the new EV will have "up to" 500 HP. And "up to" 300 miles of range.

Sunday, May 30, 2021

2022 Kia Sportage: official teasers...

Well, well, well...
We finally get to see something official about the all-new Kia Sportage for 2022. After about 18 years of spy shots.
And the real thing looks much better than any of the weirdo illustrations I have seen so far.
The interior seems really nice too! And it even looks quite upscale.

It seems Kia is playing the same game as Mazda these days. The new Sportage could offer quality closer to an upscale brand. Although, unlike Mazda, they will stick to the FWD platform and engines from the Hyundai Tucson. (Mazda is coming up with an all-new RWD platform and inline 6 cylinder engine for the CX-50)
I think all the Mazda efforts might only be noticed by a few. While the Sportage could mimick just enough of true luxury to wow crowds.

We'll see...


2022 Kia Niro: another pic...

 Nothing we haven't seen before, really...

The Niro really needs to morph into a great PHEV wagon with close to 100 miles EV range (Or at least something over 60) to stay relevant in a world of EVs.

What do you think?

2022 Ford Maverick: Very soon...


After the fantastic F-150 Lightning. Ford will have another big news item soon.
As the all-new Maverick compact pick-up truck is now scheduled to be unveiled within the next 2 weeks.

Based on the same platform as the Bronco Sport, the Maverick could be "all the truck people need" for many. Even though it is supposed to be smaller than the Ranger, it doesn't really look small.
The bed seems longer than the Hyundai Santa Cruz. And, it does look like a smaller F-150.

While an EV version is probably not in the cards any time soon. A hybrid or plug-in hybrid is very possible. Since it shares a lot with the Escape.

This is another potential big hit for Ford...

Friday, May 28, 2021

2022 Mazda CX-50: new illustrations...

These new illustrations of the upcoming 2022 (or 23?) Mazda CX-50 looks pretty realistic to me.
They also look really close to the real thing I posted a while ago.

Even under that camouflage wrap, you can already tell a lot.
Like the huge black plastic fender trim. The lights. The fake vents above the rear bumper. 
It's all there. Although small details like the chrome trim around the rear side window trim seems bit different in the illustrations. 

All in all, I am a bit disappointed. By both. I was expecting more from this all-new Mazda based on an all-new RWD platform.
At least from these pix, it still seems like a FWD car. The super thick fender trim doesn't look good on the CX-30, and it won't look better on the CX-50.

So far, this just looks like a blend of CX-30 and the MX-30 EV. Not like an original design at all.
Let's hope the real thing looks better when it comes out... I think it will.


2022 Toyota Land Cruiser: more spy pix...

We've pretty much seen the whole thing already. And yet it hasn't been officially unveiled yet for some reason. So here are a few more pix of what we already know...

(That wheelbase looks really short, doesn't tit?)


New Tesla Model X interior: what can I say...

Except that, at least from what I've seen, it is now very far behind the competition. From either Rivian, Lucid, or Mercedes.

The Model X currently starts at $90 000! This is just not a $90 000 car interior. Again, maybe the real thing magically looks 100 times better in real life...

The big Teslas really deserved better, after almost 10 years.


2022 Kia Sportage: a look inside...

The seats and doors are usually not the most fascinating parts of a car interior. So there you go.

 Now we can all rest easy. As the cars and doors of the 2022 Kia Sportage look OK. They're not terrible... 


Thursday, May 27, 2021

2022 Kia Sportage: weirdo lights in sight...

Every illustration of spy shots we have seen of this car is weird. Now we get to see the super busy-looking headlight arrangement. 
I hate to say, but I think it could end up being a case of " trying way too hard".
Although, I hope I'm wrong. So far, the Sportage has always been a good-looking SUV.

At least they're trying?


2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L: showing up at dealers...

I didn't know the new 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee was already showing up at dealers. (I haven't seen any reviews yet...)
But in the flesh, it does look really good. A very tasteful and low-key design with great proportions. 

I know, the one pictured here is the $60 000 Summit version. So, of course, the interior looks good and expensive, because it is. Still, this such a better design than the super expensive 2022 Grand Wagoneer. Inside and out.

Starting at $37 000, I think this new Grand Cherokee L could end up very popular...


2023/24 Audi A4: new illustrations...

The red car above shows what the "regular" next-generation Audi A4 sedan could look like.
While the green one shows an A4 e-Tron, EV version.

This means, according to this, the A4 line would split in 2. ICE and EV. Based on different platforms. Since the next A4 is supposed to retain its current platform. While the EV version could be based on a shorter A6 e-Tron platform.
While the A6 e-Tron could replacing both the A6 and A7, it looks like Audi is not ready to abandon the classic A4 sedan yet...


2022 Infiniti QX60: finally...

I had completely forgot about this one: the new 2022 Infiniti QX60.
It's been so long. We saw the concept last year and so many spy shots. On top of that, no one thinks about Infiniti anymore. 

This will mostly go against the new Acura MDX. Which is a great new SUV sold by a brand most people still remember.
Infiniti will have a tough job. I am sure the new QX60 will be nice. But the whole brand is just not on th e radar anymore. And that will take a lot of cash to fix.

While Infiniti is still hiding the interior design of the new QX60, here it is.
I posted this last October. 
It looks quite nice. At least the tablet seems to be angled a bit more. making it look slightly more integrated to the rest of the interior. 

I test drove the current QX60 years ago and actually liked it. I remember it being very comfortable. 
Not sure that they can do to make the new one stand out against Acura and now Genesis.


Wednesday, May 26, 2021

2022/23 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV: rumors...


While an all-new Mitsubishi Outlander just came out, the plug-in Hybrid version is still based on the old model.
That should change soon with an improved PHEV, based on the new design.
And there is a rumor of an EV range of 60 miles (Although that could be a bit less in the US test cycle)
Which would be a huge improvement over the rather sad current range of 24 miles.

The new Outlander is priced almost exactly as its platform cousin, the Nissan Rogue. For some odd reason.
The current PHEV model starts at around $36 000, before incentives. (It qualifies for a $6587 federal rebates)

If Mitsubishi wants to sell cars again in the US, it does need to stand out. Pricing has to be lower than the equivalent Nissan. Or make the PHEV standard. 

Something. Anything...

Next-generation Porsche Panamera: new illustration...

 It looks like the car vultures are already circling around the current Porsche Panamera. As we are starting to see illustrations of what the next one could look like...

I don't like the illustration above. There. I said it. I don't like it...

It tries to look like a "Panamera version" of the Taycan. But the super flat sides aren't working. Porsche designs should be softer. Like they are now. I personally think that Porsche is one of these rare brands that has good-looking designs throughout the whole lineup.

The blunt, flat look doesn't work for them. Basically, I think they should never redesign their cars. Leave them the way they are forever. Just update all the powertrains to electric when the time comes...

What do you think?

2022 BMW 3 series: spy shot...

I mean, that has to be the most minimal mid-cycle facelift ever. Even for a BMW.

The only difference I can see is the shape of the little vent on the side of the bumper. Not sure if anything else will be new, at least outside.

Apparently there big news will be inside. Where the dash will now accommodate a super large widescreen like the one in the (horrible) iX. And would, of course, spill over the new 4 series coupe and convertible soon after invading the 3 series interior.

So, basically, if you want one, get a 3 or 4 series now! As the current interiors are really nice. Anything inspired by the iX will be a nightmare.

But, at least, they didn't make the grille larger!


Tuesday, May 25, 2021

2023 Chevrolet Colorado: early spy shot...

Well... At least from these photos (more HERE), the "new' Chevrolet Colorado doesn't really look that new to me.
Even the mirrors look exactly the same.

So far, this just looks like a mid-cycle refresh and not an all-new generation. 2 years from now, the Colorado will be quite old. (While it came out in the US for 2015, it had been on sale overseas since 2011)
The competition isn't resting either. There will be a new Ford Ranger out next year. As well as the VW version based on it.
And by 2023 Honda could have a new Ridgeline (Unless they cancel the whole thing before)
A new Nissan Frontier is also right around the corner. And Toyota is at work on a new Tacoma.
Life could be tough for a "not so new" Colorado in a year or two.
Although, if GM really is planning to phase out all ICE models in the next few years, I see why they wouldn't invest in an all-new generation...

Apparently, the only engine available will be the 2.7 Liter Turbo. From the Silverado and Cadillac CT4.
In the CT-4, I thought it was a fine engine. Pretty smooth with plenty of power. With decent MPG (18/33 observed). But not that much better than a V6, really.
And again, even though this is at least a year (maybe 2) away, GM doesn't seem to have any electrification planed...


Buick Envision Plus: more pix...

While I really like the new Buick Envision design, I think it loses a lot by being stretched into a 7 seater SUV.
It actually looks quite different from the regular model. And loses a lot of its personality. It now looks much more generic.
I guess it doesn't matter since the Chinese market seems to gobble any new Buick model in huge numbers. They sold almost 170 000 Envisions there last year! Which was more than Buick's total sales in the US! (162 749)

I wonder if Buick is actually considering this for the US. There seems to be quite a void between the Envision $32 000 base price and the Enclave's $40 500.
There is plenty of room there for a new model.

The longer Envision uses the same 2.0 Liter Turbo. With zero electrification. With all that loud talk about GM going fully electric in a few years, they still don't offer any time of electrification on all of their gas models...


Monday, May 24, 2021

2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5: the US version...

Hyundai has released pix of the US version of the new Ioniq 5 EV.
Quite interesting to see the few differences...

The most obvious is the amber side turn signals upfront. Which actually kinda ruin the simplicity of the original design offered overseas. 
At least on these pictures. (Maybe it's not lit up all the time?)

Not much else is different. US versions of foreign cars used to have mandatory larger bumpers. But these regulations have been gone for a long time. And the US Ioniq 5 seems to have the now usual "super small useless bumpers" all cars have these days. 
At least it doesn't look bad...

Specs are similar to what they've announced earlier. And US pricing is still a mystery...

Which will be key to its success.