Sunday, April 04, 2021

2022 Toyota GR86: new?

It's actually hard to tell the Toyota GR86 is new for 2022.
Since it looks a lot like the previous generation. And again, almost exactly the same as the Subaru BRZ.

Of course. it does look a little bit more modern. And the interior design went from "worst in the business" to "fine".
Funny how we've heard just a little while ago that Toyota was delaying the new GR86 to make sure this time it is more different from the Subaru version.. 
And yet, here it is the same car...

You get a RWD car with a 2.4 Liter engine with 232 HP and a 6-speed manual standard. Which does sound like fun. No matter how "not really new" it is.
the current model starts at around $27 000, so I would expect a small increase for the new one.



FFEMT6 said...

The modern new interior and aggressive diffuser with the wicked dual pipes is a huge improvement. However; they should have done more with the front and side. I am not crazy with the thick and ungainly looking side skirts, and you can see the hard plastic materials from here. I just hope they have held the weight and handling in check with the increased hp. I am sure it will do just fine with the cult following buyers.

Todd said...

It seems less different from the BRZ than the previous one.

Doug said...

So they took the existing car, updated the styling slightly, gave it a new dash and larger motor. That's about all you can expect these days. Look at the new Nissan Z. Same formula: old car, new styling and new motor.

tony said...

a RWD car with a 2.4 Liter engine with 232 HP and a 6-speed manual standard.
- this sounds like a ball of fun. I remember when people would get all excited for the Mazda Miatas and the current mazda mx-5s. Relatively mild power output, but i guess they were sorta affordable and fun to drive if you could fit inside of one.
- these toyotaburus are compact but not so tiny and with 232 HP and a reasonable price tag, they would be something i would like to buy and have as a second vehicle ''fun , sporty'' little terror machine IF i had the money to blow.

Anonymous said...

Looks a lot less stupid...No longer a deal breaker...especially with more non-turbo power.

Anonymous said...

Will it be laughably overpriced? I suspect so. The new WRX will no longer have a manual transmission...If you can believe that.