Monday, April 12, 2021

2022 Mercedes C-Class wagon: new photo...

 Nice to report on a wagon once in a while.

While it has not been available in the US for a while, Mercedes never stopped making a wagon version of the C_Class sedan. As you can see here, the new, redesigned C-Class for 2022 will get a wagon version as well.

Which, again, will probably not make it to the US. Unless Mercedes thinks a raised-up All-Terrain version could find some takers over here. I guess they are waiting to see how popular the new 2021 All-Terrain E-Class wagon is doing in the US. (Which, at $67 000, is a $5000 premium over the comparable E-Class sedan.)


Anonymous said...

SUVs have made wagon irrelevant.

Patrick said...

You know the wagon was already revealed...right?