Friday, April 02, 2021

2022 Audi A7 L: new sedan version...

Apparently, Audi is getting a sedan version of the A7 ready for the Chinese market.
And since they call it "L", this would mean a longer wheelbase version.
Which now would actually compete with the A8?
(Although this is a normal thing for the Chinese market, where pretty much every sedan is offered with a long-wheelbase option. )

I really like the A7 design, but I have to admit the sedan version already looks pretty fantastic.
Quite a spectacular blend of classic and really modern design.

This should really be Audi's electric sedan.


Doug said...

So Audi is now copying BMW's circular logic strategy from the 3/4series sedans/hatches/gran coupes?

Anonymous said...

Audi = VW

Buckeyegeg said...

Bloated Jetta