Wednesday, March 31, 2021

New Zeekr 01: the "old" Lynk & Co Zero with a new name...


Geely just felt the need (gain) to create yet another brand. This one is called ZEEKR. And apparently, will concentrate on EV.

Last year, their Lynk & Co brand (remember, the one that was supposed to take the world by storm a few years ago...) showed us a really cool concept version of their first electric model: the Zero. (bottom pic)
that concept just became the new brand's first model, the Zeekr 01.
It looks exactly the same as the one that was supposed to be a Lynk & Co, except for the wheels. It even has the signature Lynk & Co front end/headlights design.

No matter what they call it, it seems like a very nice-looking car.
Something that could compete with the Model 3 over here. But also with the Mustang Mach-e and the new Kia EV6.

Maybe they should try the new Zeekr brand through Volvo dealers. As a cheaper brand?
The Volvo/Polestar EVs are, so far, really expensive...

2022/23 Mercedes GLC: new illustrations...

While these illustrations of the next-generation Mercedes GLC look quite good (although pretty generic) they seem to be a bit off when compared to prototypes of the real thing.
the prototype seems to be more angular in general.

No matter what, we shouldn't expect much. Basically, this will probably look a lot like the current one (Just like the C-Class). A bit cleaner. With the new C-Class interior.

Something only the current owner will notice as new...


2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz: new teasers...

These are all-new official teasers of the 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz pick-up.

And it basically looks like it is following the footsteps of the first-generation Honda Ridgeline. By offering something very different from the rest of the market. A true blend of crossover and pick-up truck. Which is what the first Ridgeline was going for, and mostly failed.
Since the 2021 Ridgeline totally abandoned the idea and decided to disguise itself as a "real truck", it seems the Santa Cruz will be the only choice in town if you want a "non-truck pick-up".

I know the upcoming Ford Maverick will be based on the Escape/Bronco Sport. But it is trying very hard to look like a regular pick-up truck. Hiding its car-based roots by looking like a small F150.
I think the Hyundai will appeal to a totally different market.

As you can see in these photos, the Santa Cruz is obviously related to the Tucson, but all body panels are actually different. It is not just a pick-up version of the Tucson.

The interior of the Santa Cruz is very close to the Tucson. But, at least on the version pictured above, it is missing the small screen behind the steering wheel. And seems to have a regular automatic shifter.

Still, the Tucson interior is very stylish and would be refreshing to see in a cheaper pick-up.

The Maverick is rumored to start at around (or just under) $20 000. While the Ridgeline is now an expensive $37 000 for the base model.
If Hyundai can keep the base Santa Fe in the low 20's, I really think this might have a chance. The base engine would be the 2.5 Liter engine. But turbos and Hybrid versions are already available on the Tucson and would probably be options on the Santa Fe.

This could be really interesting. We'll know everything on the 15th.


2022 Jeep Grand Wagonner: in the flesh...

I have to say, this looks pretty horrible. 
These live photos of the new 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer make it look like a Hearse. Which not really what people want for over $100 000 (Or is it???)

That rear window treatment is really, really bad. With the clear part of the window being so small (WTH?)
And that thick, cheap-looking chrome trim everywhere. This just looks like some cheap Chinese knock-off a Russian car.

I really don't think this would actually do well against the Escalade...


Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Genesis X Coupe Concept: this is it...

For some reason, I am not a big fan of this new Genesis Coupe Concept...
I mean, I love the idea of a new coupe in our world of SUVs and trucks of any kind. This feels like the rebirth of the old Lexus SC from the '90s.
But the front end is just off. That weird huge Superman grille they insist on using on everything they make doesn't look good here. Sure, it is thinner in an attempt to fit a sportier image. But the point going into the lower grille really looks awkward to me. 
The little rear side windows remind me of old Italian cars, which is nice (not sure which one thouyg0

And the interior is very nice and classy. And refreshingly devoided of the "screens everywhere" disease.
I know I should like it...

No matter what, this is a pure concept that will not be produced...


"Voltswagen": WTF???


I know right? 

It actually took me a while to realize this wasn't a joke. I went directly to the official VW press site to see it was actually real:

-"US name change from Volkswagen of America to Voltswagen of America begins May 2021"

VW has a long history of weird moves in the US. Regarding both products and marketing. (Starting with the "revised US- built" original Golf/Rabbit) But this is by far the weirdest of all. And apparently (and contrary to what I have read on other sites) this is not a new sub-brand. But a new name for the whole US operation of VW.

-"Moving forward, "Voltswagen" will be placed as an exterior badge on all EV models with gas vehicles sporting the VW emblem only. Exterior and interior signage will soon roll out to all Voltswagen properties and dealerships across the US". 

This, of course, raises a few questions. Among them:

- Are they out of their mind?

- Do they have that much money to waste?

- Shouldn't they use all that cash to fix the many cars they sold with defects they don't even admit?

- Why US only?

- Does that mean the few ID4s sold with a "Volkswagen" badge are instant classics?

- Should we expect "Auditron" or "BMEV" soon?

Monday, March 29, 2021

2022 Honda HR-V/Vezel: new useless pix...


Just a couple of new pictures of something we have seen before: the new Honda HR-V for 2022.

On a sad note, the cheapo tablet screen looks very similar to what we have already seen of the 2022 Civic. (Let's hope it's not...)

Honda claims the US version of the new HR-V will be specific to us. Which probably just means "no hybrid or expensive options like a panoramic sunroof". Since the HR-V is a low-end model over here. And that'll probably be the main differences.

2022 Acura RDX: a few (mostly) useless changes changes...


The Acura RDX will get a few changes for the 2022 model year. (We have seen camouflaged versions of this a few weeks ago)

It seems these changes will be few. Basically redesigning the front end just a little bit to make it look a bit more like the new MDX. Although it looks very close to the current model. 

I don't expect big changes inside either. Especially not the strange infotainment. Since Acura is probably not ready to admit this is a big mistake yet. So probably no touch screen for a while. The only changes could be colors and trim. Like making sure the wood trim looks like the one in the TLX/MDX. etc...

And wireless CarPlay. 

(Thanks to a reader for this)

Sunday, March 28, 2021

2022 Mercedes EQS: a better look outside...


These are probably the last camouflaged photos we will see of the new Mercedes EQS. Next time will be the whole thing.

I really want to like this, but so far, it doesn't really look as upscale, or special as I thought. maybe the final trim elements will work their magic and it will look fantastic?
If this ends up being the same price as a Model S it would be great. But again, I'm afraid of a crazy Mercedes price tag coming up...
No matter how great Mercedes is as a brand, they are playing catch-up here. Not only to Tesla and its Modell S, but also Lucid.
Even though the Air has not been delivered yet, it has been unveiled a while ago with a stunning design, and very long range.
All we know about the EQS is a rumored 435 miles range in the European testing cycle.
Which is great, and very competitive.

Instead of an Electric S-Class, this seems more like an Electric AMG GT 4 door coupe.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

2022 Mercedes EQS: more interior pix...

These new photos give us a really good idea of what the new Mercedes EQS interior will look like.
And strangely enough, it looks like 2 different dashboard designs will be available.

Strange since it is supposed to be a very expensive car. Where you would think only the best is available. But it seems that a full dash screen might actually be an option. Or maybe even only available on top versions.
Does that mean the lower-end versions won't be that expensive? Or this is simply just another cost-cutting measure. And they'll be charging a fortune for the dash/screen option?

Either way, I think both interiors look a lot better than the new S-Class.

More very soon.


2022 Mercedes EQS: a look inside...

Not sure if this is the real thing or not. But it does match the previous spy shots we have seen.
Overall, this interior looks a lot cleaner than the new S-Class. Or even the new C-Class. 

Although all these screens could end up being very distracting, they seem to be positioned fairly low. And could actually be better than most large tablets we see these days.

I wonder how much this will be. In a perfect world, it should be a bit more than the Model S or Lucid Air. Which means a starting price of around $90 000. But, since this is Mercedes, the actual base price could be quite insane...


Friday, March 26, 2021

Genesis coupe concept: pix...

These are just screen grabs from the teaser video I posted earlier. And they show a stunning looking design (at least so far)

A few years ago, Genesis had also previewed the upcoming G90 sedan with a very nice-looking coupe.
Let's hope this will join the next G90o or even the G80 in the line-up. It already looks much sleeker than any of their sedan designs.
Maybe they will repeat what Lexus did with the original LS sedan. And the SC, which looked very different and 100 times more modern than the LS sedan. It was actually quite a surprise as most people were predicting just a 2 door version of the sedan.

A great-looking luxury coupe would be so refreshing. Even Cadillac has given up. 


Genesis concept coming up: video teaser...

Apparently, Genesis will be showing us an all-new concept soon. And it is a preview of an upcoming coupe model. 

Amazing they still find the time to come up with a concept, with all the production models they are still currently working on. Like the new EV, G70 wagon, G90, and electric versions of the G80 and G90.

A new coupe would surely have a limited appeal in our current SUV-obsessed world. But it would be a great way to solidify the new brand's luxury image. The concept will also be an EV.

Let's hope...

2022 Hyundai Staria: real life photos...

It seems the new Hyundai Staria looks as futuristic in real life as in the computer-generated images we saw a few weeks ago.
Apparently, Hyundai has no plans to bring this over to the US. Where I really think it would sell well against other commercial vans from Mercedes, Ford, or Ram.

There are many versions available of course. passengers, cargo, etc... And I have also seen different screens. The one pictured here is pretty high ...

Otherwise, this still looks pretty fantastic. Keep in mind this is a commercial vehicle. And they usually look like crap. (Have you really looked at a Ford Transit lately?)


2022 Genesis G90: a look inside...

These are the first photos I have seen of the all-new 2022 Genesis G90 luxury sedan.
And of course, it looks really nice and super comfortable.
But is it that much nicer than the current version?
The bottom photo is the rear seat of the 2020 model. And it is already pretty spectacular.

Of course, the trims and details are probably not final in the prototype above. Still, it does show how it might actually be tough for Genesis to make the G90 even more luxurious than it is currently.

While the G90 is much cheaper than its German competition with a starting price of around $73 000,
the real treasure is a slightly used one. Of about 3 years old. Since low miles, 2018 models, start less than half the price of a new one.


Thursday, March 25, 2021

2022 VW Amarok: 2nd generation coming up...

This is an official sketch of the 2022 VW Amarok pick-up. And, at least on the exaggerated illustration, it looks pretty good.  With a nice blend of trucky and modern.

As it was mentioned earlier, the next-generation Amarok will share its platform with the upcoming, redesigned Ford Ranger.
The current generation has never been sold in the US, but the next one could very well be. (If VW is capable of a smart move that is...) It would compete with the ranger, of course. But also against the Colorado/Canyon. And especially the redesigned Nissan Frontier.
And it could be the final nail in the Ridgeline coffin (that and the upcoming Hyundai Santa Cruz...)

Here is the current version of the VW Amarok. The one we never got. Still looking OK for something that came out 11 years ago...


2022 Honda Civic sedan: new photos...


The all-new 2022 Honda Civic does look a lot like an Accord in these real-life photos. (Which appear to be of the US version)
While I do like the Accord design, I am still wondering why Honda chose to make their most popular sedan look so much like their least popular one.

These look much better than the illustrations we have seen before. Or even the white cars I posted a while ago. I am sure the final thing will probably look just fine. This might not be enough to stand out in a crowd that includes the new Elantra and Sentra. 

I still think the hatchback version will be much more interesting, and at least, something most of the competition doesn't offer (Except the Corolla)
I also think the Hybrid version should return. And the Insight should be canceled. A Civic hatchback hybrid would be very attractive to many...