Friday, December 31, 2021

2023 Hyundai Grandeur: new illustration...

While the new illustration above looks pretty great, I am not sure it is that close to the real thing. The prototype in the spy shots and video shows much larger windows. And the whole thing doesn't seem as sporty as the illustration. I am being pretty picky, but the real thing will probably be a bit less dynamic.

Still, this is quite a good job and shows a really nice design. Again, something that could have a chance in the US market as an electric sedan. Something that could compete with the upcoming Nissan Maxima EV.


2023 Mercedes EQS SUV: new illustration...

 Of course, there will be a big SUV version of the Mercedes EQS.

Not sure what they will call this yet, but it will follow the usual recipe. The SUV being based on a raised version of the sedan platform. And of course, it will be super luxurious like the sedan.

Since the EQS already starts at about $102 000, don't expect this to be under $110 000. It sounds quite insane (at least to me) until you realize a Tesla Model X now starts at $105 000. (that's even crazier) And, while the EQS's range is not great at "only" 350 miles. The Model X range is "only" around 330 miles. So that new Mercedes SUV could actually be quite competitive against the big Tesla. 

While not really in the same price range, I think the new Rivian R1S (Starting at $70 000) could actually disturb things a bit. So far their pick-up has been getting great reviews. 

Of course, Lucid is coming with a super luxurious Gravity SUV. Although production of their Air sedan is very slow right now, and the only model being delivered is the top-of-the-line $170 000 version. They will ramp up production of the Air before introducing the new Gravity, followed by a smaller sedan.

And, I almost forgot the electric version of the all-new Range Rover. Coming next year too.

2023 Mercedes CLE: new illustrations...


Apparently, Mercedes is coming out with yet another model. The CLE.

So far, only the 2 door convertible versions have been spotted. (bottom pic). And I must say, the convertible top always looks really fake on all the spy shots I have seen. But that A-pillar does look like it is a convertible. There is something going on under the top camouflage, I'm just not sure what it is. 

The illustrations above show a 4 door version as well. Not sure why Mercedes would come up with another sedan/coupe model between the C and E classes. I hear this would replace both the C and E class coupes and convertible models. (The C coupe and Convertible have already been discontinued)

Why not I guess?

Thursday, December 30, 2021

2023 Genesis "electrified GV70": more pix...

 This is no big surprise since Genesis has already shown us the electric version of their new GV70.

To me, the grille looks even more ridiculous now that it is useless. They chose not to spend money to redesign the front end, and that's too bad. Especially since others like Lexus won't use a grille at all in their upcoming EVs.

But I still think an electric GV70 is a genius idea. It will only be offered in an AWD version. Will go from 0 to 60 in 4.5 seconds. Just like the Ioniq 5, it has a 350kW charging system.

It is rated at only 250 miles in the European rating system. But EPA numbers are usually quite a bit less. And 250 miles isn't that much, to begin with for a luxury brand...

While the "regular" GV70 starts at around $41 000, but it goes all the way to over $62 000. 

Pricing and EV range will be key to the Electric GV70 in the US. Even if they price it at the same price as the top-of-the-line version, it could still end up at around $50 000 after incentives. Or about $10 000 less than a Tesla Model Y. But at a higher price, with a less than 250 miles range, it'll be an uphill battle for Genesis...

On another note, this somehow makes me think of Infiniti. And how far behind they have gotten over the years. Genesis started selling cars in the US 6 years ago. Now they don't only have a full lineup of cars and SUVs, but they will also have at least 2 EVs on sale next year. Meanwhile, Infiniti has been slowly going down. Basically being replaced by Genesis in the marketplace.

Just sad...

These are the official photos of the "Electrified GV70".

Let's hope they find a real name for it soon...

2023 Hyundai Palisade: spy shot...

The Hyundai Palisade is getting a few changes in a few months for the 2023 model year.

The Palisade is still popular (almost 82 000 sold last year ) and doesn't really need anything. I am not sure a new front end and other changes will actually boost sales. I guess things are schedules no matter what... Needed or not.

One good change would be to boost production to meet demand in the US.


Wednesday, December 29, 2021

BYD electric convertible: new photos...


I posted early spy shots of this car a few days ago HERE.

This new electric convertible is based on the new Han EVsedan. Which starts at around $33 000 in China. So what we see here could actually be an affordable 4 seater electric convertible. 
And will obviously beat the new electric convertible from Lexus to the market.
Although that market will probably "just" be China.
Since the Han EV doesn't seem to be sold in other markets so far.

Sure, the proportions are a bit weird and the design is OK. (kind of a new electric Chrysler Sebring) Plus, that convertible hardtop is very "15 years ago".
Still, I really like that some people around the world aren't giving up on the convertible body style.
Especially during this major transition to "all-electric".

I guess in the US our only electric convertible choice will be that Lexus. And hopefully, an electric version of the next-generation Mustang.

2022/23 Hyundai Stargazer: new photos...

The new Stargazer looks like another sleek Hyundai design. Especially up front, where things seem quite futuristic. And quite similar to the great-looking Hyundai Staria

The Stargazer is scheduled to be unveiled in 2022. And it will be mostly sold in the Indian market. 
So this isn't for us at all.
This will have to be a very affordable vehicle and will probably end up not looking that fantastic in real life. With pretty small wheel and cheap materials inside.

Still, it is amazing how Hyundai designers take everything seriously. By really trying to provide a good modern design for every segment. Not just the expensive and fancy stuff.


Tuesday, December 28, 2021

2023 Kia Seltos: spy shots...

It looks like an all-new front end (and more) is coming for the Kia Seltos next year.
Let's hope the changes bring a simpler look. The current front end is quite busy. It's actually kind of all over the place with chrome bits, multiple grilles, complicated headlight design, etc...

They sold over 46 000 of these last year, so I guess they are popular somewhere.  I have only seen 2 or 3 around where I live. That is still almost half of the Honda HR-V sale numbers. 
But quite a bit more than the Mazda CX-30 (Around 38 000 sold last year). And I see these everywhere...


Mystery SUV: just parked there...

 This was sent to me by a reader, and I just cannot tell what it is.

It even looks like it could be from a few years ago, but who knows. While the LED lights seem quite current, the shape looks like something older. 

If it is new, my bet would be Kia. Is it something obvious that is already out? Am I that out of it?

It does also look a lot like the current Niro. Except shorter. Some test mule?

The spy shot above actually reminds me of these cool Mitsubishi Space Runners from the '90s. 

These cool tiny vans were also sold by Plymouth and Dodge in the US I believe. 

2023 Chevrolet tax: new photos...

 Apparently, these spy shots above show the next-generation Chevrolet Trax for 2023.

When the new Trailblazer came out a couple of years ago, GM had mentioned it wasn't a replacement for the Trax. Which is pretty weird since, as you can see in the screengrab above from the Chevrolet site, they are basically the same price. A new Trax would have to be cheaper. Unless they move the Trailblazer upmarket a bit by getting rid of the base model for next year.

Either way, that new Trax looks more like of these "Coupe SUV" offered by many German maufacturers. Which could help the Trax by giving it a bot of personality.

I guess...

Monday, December 27, 2021

2023 Cadillac sedan: CT-5 or CT-6...

I was told these photos of an upcoming Cadillac sedan were of a revised CT-6.
But after comparing them to both CT-6 and CT-5 photos, I think this could actually be a mid-cycle refresh of the Cadillac CT-5.

The C pillars are pretty much the same on the prototype and the current CT-5. 
It looks like quite an extensive refresh. The CT-5 was criticized quite a bit for the lack of a real third profile window when it came out. With a cheap black plastic trim residing where a small 3rd window should be.
The prototype does show a window. Which would be a big change for a mid-cycle facelift.

I was told a couple of years ago by Cadillac designers about the new Escalade interior eventually "trickling-down" to their other models. Which can be seen on the new Lyriq.
But it was also planned for the CT-5. And maybe even the CT-4. Both models could really use an updated interior.

The CAT-6 is not on sale in the US anymore, but it is in China. Not sure how popular the CT-5 and CT-4 are over thee, But here in the US, they just sold over 14 000 CT-5s in 2020.
Which is not that much less than the Acura TLX with a bit above 21 000.

I guess this could be enough to spend quite a bit of money on it. A more upscale interior like the one in the Escalade and a nicer exterior could actually improve sales.

I test drove the CT-5 a while ago and liked it. Although I think it focuses too much on being sporty. And ended up being less comfortable and quiet than the new TLX.

Let's hope GM is really working on an improved CT-5. Since the new Celestiq EV sedan won't be on sale for at least a year or two. 


Sunday, December 26, 2021

2023 Hyundai Grandeur: new video...

This is pretty much self-describing: the next-generation Hyundai Grandeur sedan on a truck.
The same car we saw HERE and HERE

Again, I still think this would make a great Ioniq EV sedan in the US. Especially following the recent rumor about the next-generation Nissan Maxima being an all-new EV sedan.
I also noticed the wheels on the prototype above look a lot like the ones on the Ioniq 5. 
So, who knows...

Saturday, December 25, 2021

2023 Chevrolet Equinox: spy shots...

Even from these camouflaged prototypes, you can already tell the new 2023 Chevrolet Equinox will be a major improvement over the current generation. 

The last time I t4st drove the current model was about 2 years ago (HERE
And I thought it was a fine crossover, but not that special. And actually quite overpriced when loaded with options.
The next generation seems to have more personality already. With a wider and lower stance. Although the side windows seem to have shrunk quite a git in the process...

I can't really imagine GM pouring money into a new platform for this. Or even new engines. Since they are in the process of going "full EV". So the driving experience will probably be quite similar to the current one, which is fine.
They don't really have a hybrid or PHEV system either. Which might be a disadvantage against others like the Escape, RAV-4, and upcoming redesigned Honda HR-V.

At least, this will probably look good.


Friday, December 24, 2021

2023 Hyundai Grandeur: spy shots...

We've already seen prototypes of the new 2023 Hyundai Grandeur HERE.  but I have to say, this car looks more and more impressive every time I see these spy shots.
Going back to the look of the first generation (1986 to 1992) is a genius idea.

Even under all that camouflage, it already looks very impressive. Different and modern.
Of course, the new generation Grandeur is not scheduled to be sold in the US, just like the current one.
Which is really too bad. Even though I do understand there is a lack of interest in large sedans in the US. 
But, again, this would make a great addition to Hyundai's new Ioniq line over here. While Kia is getting the EV6, it looks like all future Ioniq models could be SUVs and crossovers.
Why not this? An electric version of the new Grandeur would make a great Ioniq 8 in the US.

Why not...


Thursday, December 23, 2021

Foxtron Model E: photos...

We have mentioned the new Foxtron electric sedan before. 
But I don't think I had seen these photos.

The name is actually quite funny: Model E. Something Tesla had tried to secure a few years ago for what became the Model 3. Not sure how these guys got it... (some Chinese copyright thing I suppose)

The new sedan was designed by Pininfarina. Which is actually a bit of a dissapoitment. Since it doesn't look like anything special (Like these new Vinfast SUVs, also from Pininfarina)
It basically looks like a cross between a Lucid and a tesla.
Same thing inside, where things look fine but uninspired. Not what you'd expect from a top Italian design firm.

Specs are, of course, great. But who knows if this will ever really exist.
They are already talking about a range of over 460 miles and 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds.
Apparently, they are really buying a factory in the US from Lordstown in Ohio. And of course, they plan to have 10% of the global EV market by 2025. 
In just a bit over 3 years!

We've heard many of these crazy claims before. from many other companies. 
I guess we'll have to wait and see...


New BYD electric convertible: spy shots...

It looks like Chinese manufacturer BYD is getting a new convertible ready.
From the 2 spy shots above, we can already tell it will be an open-top version of their new Han EV sedan.
Which is quite a good-looking car. With an interior, that tries very hard to be more upscale than the Tesla Model 3.

This means BYD will beat Lexus to the punch by probably bringing a 4 seater electric convertible to the market. We saw the Lexus model a few days ago (HERE). A part of a sedan and wagon new EV lineup.
It is very refreshing to see a few brands trying to keep the convertible alive in the EV age.
 In the US, I really think Chrysler should try a convertible again. Sure, this isn't the 90's anymore, where the Lebaron and Sebring were very popular. 

But I think a good-looking electric roomy 4 seater American convertible would just be great. 


Wednesday, December 22, 2021

2023 Subaru Crosstrek: new illustrations...

We already know Subaru is getting a new Crosstrek ready for 2023. We saw the real thing (camouflaged) HERE a few weeks ago.
These illustrations above try to show us what the final design will look like. And it looks like they could be pretty close. Except maybe for that weird (and very un-Subaru-like) black trim between the tail lights...
otherwise, it looks a lot like the current one. In true Subaru fashion, only current owners will be able to tell the difference.
I do like the current model. It has cute proportions and offers quite a lot for its price.
And it is a popular model for Subaru with over 119 000 sold last year. I just wish Subaru would start designing more attractive and modern cars. They don't have to be futuristic, but they could at least look a bit more modern. All of their lineup (including the all-new SVX0 look like they've been designed 15 years ago.

Come on...


Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Future compact from Tesla: new illustration...

 This new illustration of a new compact model from Tesla is a complete guess.

Since nothing is really known about the car. I posted an earlier illustration a while ago (HERE)

Of course, Tesla will probably end up producing a smaller and less expensive car than the Model 3. And the new German facrory would be a perfect place for that new model. It would be competing in Europe with the VW ID.3. And other smaller EVs we don't get over here.  But I'm not sure how popular a smaller premium hatchback would be here.  Although Tesla has surpirsed everyone by having such a hit with a sedan in today's SUVs saturated market.

Many call this future hatchback the "Model 2". Which would be logical. Except this is Tesla. Bro Elon wanted the line up to spell S.E.X.Y. "Model E" was still owned by Ford and that car became the Model 3. So now S, X and Y mean nothing. 

Who knows what that car will be called...

Monday, December 20, 2021

2023 Hyundai Venue: new photo...


Not much is known about the revised Hyundai Venue for 2023.

So far, the little Venue has not been a hit in the US. (only around 19 000 of them sold last year.) But I am sure Hyundai will do its best to improve sales next year. 
You can already see an all-new tail light design in the spy shot above. We already know an all-new front end is also in the cards. (HERE)
Engines will probably stay the same. (although a hybrid would be a nice surprise...) But the interior might also be given a make over. And it could end up being quite nice. Since recent Hyundai interiors have been pretty impressive, even in their cheapest models.

We'll see...