Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Link & Co Zero: just like the concept...

As expected, the really good concept we saw just a few months ago was just a preview of the upcoming production model.

Not sure when the new EV will go on sale, but so far, Link & Co has not made it to the US. As a sub-Volvo brand, they could use the existing Volvo dealer network. 
A few years ago, they, of course, had big plans about selling their cars in Europe and North America. (like most Chinese brands) 
Not really sure what happened to all that. But a cheaper Volvo brand with really good looking cars does make sense.

Why not?



BillyM67 said...

Really nice looking. Are there interior shots?

FFEMT6 said...

Looks amazing. Those EV wars are really going to be heating up in the next few years.

Anonymous said...

that front end sure looks like the old Fisker, i do't know what name they are using these daysm though i understand the old Fisker is still on the market.