Sunday, December 13, 2020

Cruising Instagram...

A few designs that never made it into production cars. And one forgotten gem...

- A design proposal for the 1961 Ford Thunderbird. Where the Thunderbird would have lost all its personality to look more like a weird 2 door version of the Continental. 
- A 1970's Mitsubishi Sapporo. Found in Belgium!  These were sold in the US through Plymouth and Dodge. 
- This looks like a 2 door wagon version of an old Plymouth Duster. And it seems really cool.
- Another "never happened" wagon: based on a 1970's Mercedes S Class. 



Soul2Stinger said...

Wow, an S-Class wagon is incredible. Too bad the closest thing is the GLS.

Anonymous said...

Auto history might not be your thing, Vince:

The ‘61 Continental was originally supposed to be the Thunderbird but Ford management/design bosses (depending upon storyteller) saw it and wanted it for Lincoln.

Several coach-builders did convert S- and E-Klasse Benzes into Estates/Wagons/Kombis.