Sunday, October 25, 2020

2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz: new spy shot


Apparently, the all-new Hyundai Santa Cruz pick-up will share a lot with the new 2021 Tucson Crossover. Which could make it the perfect small urban "non-truck" pick-up. 
Comparing both, it looks like the front doors could be very similar. But that's about it. Other spy shots show a similar front end design as well. But not much else, at least visually.

The great news would be if the pick-up is offered with a hybrid or even plug-in hybrid powertrains from the new Tucson.
I really think there would be a market for a 40/45MPG comfortable, easy to live with, compact pick-up in the US. 

What do you think?


FFEMT6 said...

That would be genius to offer the first hybrid pickup. I am just glad it has rounded wheel arches. I do hope the interior is similar to the new Tuscon. It is my favorite part of the Tuscon.

Anonymous said...

While hybrid pickups have been too big / inefficient, I'd love to see this as a hybrid getting ~ 45mpg and towing 3500#. I don't need to tow a house. It's right sized for camping and light duty, which most homeowners want a truck(let) for.