Friday, October 09, 2020

2022 Acura MDX : Teasing the new interior

The all new MDX is a very big deal for Acura. From these tease photos it seems they are keeping the interior quite similar to the very popular RDX, which is great.

A larger , more luxurious RDX is exactly what would work for the new MDX. Unfortunately, it looks like they are still pushing their trackpad based infotainment system. Which is not as easy To uses as most other systems.


super_monkey_juice said...

I have a 2018 rdx, and the best way to describe the track pad is to imagine it like a touch screen.
I actually like it more than what Lexus has to offer.

Anonymous said...

If this is it, the next QX60's interior beats it

Ralph L said...

You'll really feel sporty with those side bolsters. Hope no one rolls one.

Anonymous said...

The RDX interior is not luxurious and not a ...benchmark