Saturday, October 31, 2020

2022/23 Acura ZDX: maybe...


This is not the first time I have heard about a 2nd generation Acura ZDX coming out.
The top picture is just an illustration (bottom is the 1st gen). But this does look completely wrong to me.

A new ZDX would surely adopt Acura's current grille. Not something that looks like the NSX. 
The profile seems to be inspired by the current HR-V. Which would also be wrong, since the next-generation HR-V will abandon that swooping curve. 

Otherwise, I think a new ZDX would be a great idea for Acura. It could easily be based on the RDX. 
Even Infiniti is coming out soon with a QX55. 

I actually still like the "old" ZDX. A unique, and rather clean/simple design. Compared to the current busy, overdone stuff we see now...

2022 Genesis EV: new pix...


This already looks quite interesting. It will no doubt share its platform with the upcoming Hyundai Ioniq 5 and new Kia EV. With a specific Genesis style.
I also wonder if how they will translate the huge Superman grille onto an electric car.

This could really put Genesis on the map in Europe. As a smallish electric hatchback could prove to be more popular than large sedans and SUVs over there. 
For the first time ever, sales of EV/Hybrids were higher than Diesel cars in Europe last month.
It looks like the new Genesis's timing could be perfect.

And let's also hope they offer it in the US as well...

Friday, October 30, 2020

Cadillac CT4 V: a video...


I was driving a new Cadillac CT4 V earlier. And though I would share this short video.

Driving around Los Angeles and Malibu. A full review is coming very soon. Head over HERE to watch the 4K video.

2022 Nissan Pathfinder: new illustrations...


These new illustrations imagine a next-generation Pathfinder looking very much like a big Rogue. Which is OK, I guess. Although I would expect a bit more. 
The next pathfinder is expected to get the new 3.8 Liter V6. And will probably replace its CVT with the new Nissan 9-speed auto currently used in the 2020 Frontier also. 

2022 Honda HR-V: another pic...


The next-generation Honda HR-V is still driving around, camouflaged. We have seen it before (HERE and HERE). It will be a bit larger than the current model and adopt many styling cues from the recent SUVe Concept we saw a few weeks ago.

So far, the design looks much more angular, and quite a departure from the current generation.

2021 VW Golf R: new teaser...

 The new generation Golf R is rumored to get 328HP from its 2.0 Liter turbo. Paired with AWD.

An "R Plus" version could make almost 400HP. 

Not sure if this will make it to the US since VW seems to concentrate on SUVs for our market. And the "regular" new GTI has not even reached our shoes yet...

2022 Kia K7: no more Cadenza...

As you can see, the upcoming Kia K7 sedan will be a complete departure from the car it will replace: the Cadenza.
While the current Cadenza is a nice looking car (and one that has been getting mostly great reviews), the next generation will adopt a much more European look. With a pretty sleek fastback design. 
(Again, that would be fine as a hatchback, but that trunk opening keeps shrinking to the point where it is almost ridiculous)
As I mentioned previously, the Cadenza has been a very poor seller in the US for a long time. Even years ago when large sedans were selling quite well. Kia does have too many large sedans in the US. And none of them are selling well... The Stinger, Cadenza, and K900 are just too many offerings in an increasingly shrinking segment.

But who knows. They might still want to try again...


Thursday, October 29, 2020

Honda Odyssey: a few revisions...

As you can see, this is not our version of the Honda Odyssey, but the one for the Japanese market.
Which is smaller than the North American model.
The revised one for 2021 is on top. It will not win any beauty contest, but still is an improvement over the previous ghastly grille.

A few changes inside as well. Mostly the giant tablet sticking out. Basically, the whole top part of the dash has been redesigned. 
Even though the tablet looks out of place, they did a much better job than Toyota did with the horrible 2021 Camry new dash. Where the tablet seems to be hiding the air vents. At least, they have been redesigned and rearranged here.

An interesting note: the Japanese Odyssey is also available as a hybrid. It seems Honda really has a problem offering hybrids or EVs in the US. As it took them a few years to bring the CR-V Hybrid over here...

2022 Genesis GV70: more pictures


These are far from the best quality, but I thought I'd share them anyway.
I think Genesis really did a good job. As far as we can see on these pictures...

More on the new Genesis GV70 very soon.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

All-new Genesis GV70: finally...


So far, I think this is not disappointing at all. And was well worth the wait.
Even in that weird pink/rose color, the new Genesis SUV looks really good.
Same thing inside. Again, even in that strange "not for everyone" purple interior. It looks like Genesis found a way to design an original yet upscale interior.
(too bad they couldn't figure out how to integrate the screen a bit better...)

The red one is obviously a sportier version. With a slightly revised interior. Including a different steering wheel design with leather/Alcantara seats.

No specs yet. But since it is based on the G70 platform, I would guess it would use the same engines as the sedan. Instead of the ones offered in the larger GV80/G80.

Its success in the US will depend largely on  pricing. Over here, its main competition will be the Lexus NX and Acura RDX. Which start at $37 500 and $ 38 200. You could also include the slow-selling Infiniti QX50 at $38 000.
(I don't think German car buyers usually consider anything else. No matter how good foreign competition is. Which is too bad.)

Being brand new, I think Genesis should price the GV70 aggressively. Something like $36 000 would really go a long way to make sure the GV70 is a hit.

More very soon...

2022 Genesis G90: new photo

It seems there has been a non-stop flow of new models from Genesis lately. And more coming.
As the flagship G90 sedan is getting an all-new design next year.

The all-new model (top) looks like it could have a bit more personality than the current car. The most striking visual features of the current generation are the redesigned front and rear ends. Otherwise, this is still a pretty generic looking big sedan.
The profile of the next one already looks a bit more original.

Since Genesis is hard at work on an electric version of the new G80, it will be interesting to see if they will offer an EV version of the big G90 as well. With Mercedes's EQS right around the corner. And BMW working on an electric 7 series for the next generation.

Before the new G90, we will see the all-new GV70 Crossover. And a wagon/sportback version of the revised G70 sedan. A brand new small hatchback EV is also  coming soon...


Tuesday, October 27, 2020

2021 Jaguar E-Pace: small changes...


Just like the larger F-Pace and the XF sedan (XE as well in Europe) the compact E-Pace is getting a few changes for 2021. Nothing drastic, but enough to make it look a bit more refined and upscale.

The 2021 model is the grey car.

More changes inside. But nothing as drastic as the XF sedan with its "let's start over" all-new interior for 2021.
The new console and steering wheel look both more modern and upscale.
While the rest of the interior seems pretty much the same.
Engines are the same as in the 2021 XF. With 2 versions of the 2.0 Liter Turbo.
AWD is standard. And the price is just a bit up at $42 000. 

Nothing like the giant price drop (over $7000) of the XF sedan here...

2022 Kia Sportage: new illustration


I think this one is way off. I also really hope it is...

This would be much worse than the current generation. And also, much more conservative than the new Hyundai Tucson. So far, the Sportage has always been more modern looking than its Hyundai cousin.

Again, let's hope this is wrong...

Monday, October 26, 2020

1979 Honda Accord: Sold for $7700!


It seems the old 1978 Accord my post about the 2022 Honda Accord hatchback triggered a lot of nice memories for some people. So when I saw this 1979 model sold at an auction on "Bring a trailer", I thought I would share it.

The car is said to have only 59 000 miles (at least that what it shows)
As mentioned in the title, it sold for $7700.
It was repainted and the interior (at least the seats) was redone as well.
The ugly Kamei air dam and rear louvers can easily be removed for a more original look.

Not a cheap car for a 1979 small car, but $7700 isn't that crazy for a nice, simple and charming time machine...

You can get more info and many more photos of the car HERE.

2022 Mercedes C-Class: a smaller S-Class. Again...


In these new spy shots of the redesigned Mercedes C-Class sedan, the link with the new S-Class is quite obvious. Which actually gives the smaller model a more classic and upscale feel. 

Even though, just like with the new S-Class, the whole glass area seems very similar to the current model (2nd pic)
The interior with its 2 screens (the console's vertical screen is hidden in the above photo) is also very similar to the S-Class.
This is really strictly for Mercedes fans. The ones who keep buying the new models generation after generation. As it looks so close to what they have now, I can't imagine this being attractive to people who were not interested in the current one.

I guess they sell enough of these and they don't really care.
The coupe and convertible are, so far, not scheduled to return with the new generation. But the wagon might.

I drove a current-generation C-Class sedan for a few days while in Europe a few years ago. And I wasn't really impressed. There is nothing wrong with it. It's just not worth the high premium price they charge over many other good sedans out there these days. They don't even have that super solid, vault like feel older German cars used to have.
Again, this is strictly for the fans...