Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Z Proto Vs. 370Z:

Of course, the next Z/Proto Concept is a new design. But as you can see above, the car is not all new.
Not only it rides on a 'modified' platform of the current car, but there are also a few similar parts.
The side front windows look to be exactly the same on both cars. Same with the A-pillar.
I haven't checked from the front but I bet the windshield could be the same too.

The shape/angle of the hatch, the position of the exhaust, etc...

VW did this with the 2020 Passat. Which has all-new body panels on the same platform. (But they didn't bother with the interior much) Ford has been doing if forever on tons of models.
I can't blame Nissan for not spending the money on an all-new platform and structure for this car. Since no matter what, it won't be a huge seller.
The fact that it looks so new and different is a compliment to the design team.

Great job!


Unknown said...

Yes, seems to be a reskin; Even inside there seem to be quite a few carry over parts...

Anonymous said...

Its actually longer than the current car so not exactly a re-skin but I see what you mean.

neuromatico said...

Nissan hasn't launched an all-new Z car since the 350z in 2002!

The current "Sixth generation" 370Z debuted as a 2009 model, but is really only a heavily revised 350Z.

As Vince and other have pointed out, the Z-Proto continues that tradition, although is a very extensive reskin.

The silhouette is attractive and has some interesting detailing. But the front end is a mess of retro cues. That grill looks like fireplace!

Anonymous said...

I actually believe the entire greenhouse might be carryover, albeit possibly tilted about 5 degrees rearward to create the more horizontal sill and slopier rear hatch. The most disappointing things to me are the carryover shape of that quarter window, and the extended hatch with very low-mounted taillights. Howewver, I LOVE the way the curvature below the headlights shape beneath the headlights terminates right at the grille, just like the original.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or do the taillights look almost like they've been lifted from the 1997-98 240SX/Silvia?