Tuesday, September 15, 2020

New Honda EV Concept: next HR-V preview


Honda has released a teaser for an all new EV concept, and it does look familiar, doesn't it...

The new teaser shows a concept version of the all-new HR-V for the Chinese market. China also has an XR-V, which is basically the HR-V with different lights and other details.

The concept will be an EV, which means an EV version of the next HR-V is in the cards. At least for some markets. 

The 2022 HR-V photos I have been posting for a couple of days were, unlike all the "know-it-all" were commenting, in fact, a Honda. ("Absolutely NOT a Honda product", "non-Honda-Esque grille" etc...)

 Our HR-V might have a few small differences, but it will basically be the same car. Or very close to it. 


Anonymous said...

Vince, you are the man!

Definitely appreciate all you do with the information you provide. It is beyond me why people come to your site and then complain about being posted. Jeeeez!

Thanks again for all the information and your website is one that I checked daily. ��

Patrick said...

Again identify your source. Saying it a million times does not make it fact.

Fart said...

Whatever it turns out to be, I am more excited for the EV Sport 2 door coupe.

FFEMT6 said...

Couldn't agree more.

Mike said...

Pretty sure this is not an HRV redesign, but a standalone model

Anonymous said...

Hi Vince. Long time follower and I complete believe your expertise.
It would be interesting to know more how you identify these spy photos, as I love these kind of details.
Are you looking at the existing parts bin of the mirrors or the hidden fake front/side grills?
Does the camo pattern tell anything?

I know you don't want to pander to the naysayers, but it would be great to learn from the master.

Anonymous said...

https://global.honda/newsroom/news/2020/4200915eng.html This is a preview image for a Chinese market electric vehicle. This was not on Honda’s U.S. Corporate news site. I doubt that either of the vehicles you posted are the next HR-V. The prototype doesn’t even look like a Honda.