Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Audi Q5 SportBack: the fake coupe version.

It's no secret Audi and VW are in the process of adding a sleeker 'coupe' version of every single SUV model they make.
The Audi Q5 just got a few mid-cycle changes, and we are now seeing a few spy shots of the upcoming 'coupe' version.
Which, at least to me, does look better than the regular model. 

As you can see, even with the latest refresh, the Q5 kept its old interior. Including the cheap-looking tablet screen that just doesn't belong there. (It seems like it is just clipped to the vents with some velcro) Looking more like something you see on a much cheaper Toyota RAV-4.
This is basically a previous generation interior design for Audi. The only models still using it are the A4 and A5.
All others (Even the revised Q7) use a much more upscale and modern design.
So, even though that Q5 Sportback will be promoted as an 'all-new model'. It will probably have this previous generation interior design...

Which is too bad. 


Kits BC said...

Vince, I rarely disagree with your opinions but that looks like an Aztek to me

Anonymous said...

The regular model looks better lately with good looking wheels. But, the sport back is difficult to say from this photo.