Wednesday, August 19, 2020

2023 BMW M5: will it get the big mouth?


This is, of course, just an illustration. As no one has seen even a running prototype of the next-generation BMW 5 series yet.
But it gives you an idea of what 4 series huge grille could look like on a larger sedan like the next 5 series.
And it might very well happen. Sure, the current 5 has just received a few changes. And it did not include the big mouth.
but it might the next time around.

What do you think?
Will BMW really incorporate that new grille design to all their upcoming sedans?
Is it already too late for a design change?

Since car manufacturers never admit they're wrong (until they do change design language), it might not matter. It took forever for Acura to get rid of the weird shield. And Lexus shows no sign of getting rid of the Predator grille...


Anonymous said...

The grill is not the issue. Building cars with an obscene number of horses for guys with small weenies is the issue.

Unknown said...

Ugly Grille looks resemble third Generation Audi a6 Limousine old

Anonymous said...

No, BMW already said that this grille is exclusive to the 4 series:

Anonymous said...

Or maybe the hype about the grille is just that hype. Its a BMW, it will sell.