Saturday, August 08, 2020

2021 Toyota 86: not looking that different so far.


This prototype for the next generation Toyota 86 coupe looks a lot like the current generation. (Green car)
This car (and its Subaru clone) sell so poorly, (Toyota sold 3398 of them last year...) I am actually surprised they are testing a second generation.
The current car looks pretty nice. And drives really well (A friend of mine has one)
But the interior is maybe the worst you can get these days. THIS is what needs to be redesigned. Not the whole thing.

So maybe the next one will not actually be all new. Which is fine. 
At least, it's good to see Toyota offering a nice RWD sporty coupe. These are getting rare these days...


Doug said...

I can't imagine that the new car is anything other than a heavy refresh of the existing car. Toyota does a pretty good job of getting away with this type of "new" car.

Harry_Wild said...

Two reason it did no sell well: No acceleration, no soundproofing(lots of ground noise), no AWD!

FFEMT6 said...

Looks lower, sleeker, and wider. This is going to be a great looking sports coupe. So glad they removed that front fender hunch.

Saif said...

if no turbo then its a waste of everything, Toyota is destroying every nice sport car.

f**ed the legendary supra and now the 86 , then what ? re-produce a shitty virgin of Celica with Volkswagen engine ?