Monday, August 10, 2020

2021 Mercedes C-Class: a better look inside.


It looks like, of course, the all-new generation C-Class interior will be inspired by the new S-Class. Which means, a super large center screen coming out of the console. With vents right above it. And another screen behind the steering wheel.
A set up that will probably be used in all upcoming Mercedes models.
Unlike the new S-Class, the vents retain their round shape in the C-Class.

As usual, the various spy shots of the car show an exterior design that is about 95% similar to the current car...



Anonymous said...

Now they nailed it.

I dislike the layout of the current generation and the one before that.

Patrick said...

this is a worse look inside compared to the interior shot you posted of the c class interior many months ago

Unknown said...

I know right