Tuesday, July 07, 2020

2021 Nissan Z: more illustrations

More illustrations based on Nissan's official teaser for the new Z.

These look a bit more realistic than the one I previously posted a few days ago.
At least they don't have the old 300ZX tail lights. Still, the real tail lights are anyone's guess since we don't see them on the teaser.
At least it looks like a Z. Unlike the new "Supra" that is a BMW and doesn't look like a Supra (at least to me)
This will still be a real Nissan.


Fart said...

I rather wait to see the real thing. I bet it will look much nicer.

Anonymous said...

If sedans are suffering, 2 seater coupes are pointless.

Anonymous said...

I didn’t think Nissan could lose money any faster but building a new two seater in a world where nobody buys them should certainly do the trick.

Anonymous said...

What's up with the cynical comments around here? Usually a new Z car would make enthusiasts pretty excited. Millenials really are soulless...

Doug said...

I just have no interest. You know this is going to be built yet again on the 20 year old FM platform, since Nissan doesn't have another RWD platform to put it on.

Captain Midnight said...

This looks pretty plain and blah. I have seen student design studies that looked better.


Captain Midnight said...

Looks pretty blah. I have seen better student designs.


Adrian said...

it's nice, retro modern, much better than the current 350Z and 370Z
the challenge is to make it profitable.. how many do they think they can sell? And at what price point?

will this compete with Miata or 3-Series BMW or Z4/Supra?

would they consider variants, e.g. 2+2, targa or convertible? Bring back T-tops??

Design-wise, I wish they would have gone more retro on the real tail lights, make them look more like the original 240/260/280Z but with LED accents/surrounds..