Tuesday, July 14, 2020

2021 Ford Bronco: more pix!

There is basically no bad picture of the new Bronco.
It is just that good looking.

I am not into trucks at all. And I never go off-road. Yet, I would love one of these!
The Bronco will appeal to many. Not just off-road fans. This is just a great looking retro design with tons of personality.
Let's just hope the on-road behavior is decent. I hear even the current Wrangler is pretty tough to drive on the freeway or around town. If this is more refined in any way, it'll be an even bigger hit. 

Apparently, the top is easier to remove than the one on the Wrangler. And can be done by one person. Still. It looks like quite a job that also requires tools.
You basically have to plan in advance if you want the top or not. And, as you can see, you can store it behind the back seat and take the parts with you. But that takes all the available cargo space. 
( I wonder if part of the roof can just retract, like a large sunroof. Or not...)

Power comes from a 2.3 Liter Turbo r a 2.7 Liter Turbo V6.
5 versions are available: Base, Big Bend, Black Diamond, Outer Banks, and Badlands.
the base starts at $28 500 for 2 doors or $33 200 for 4 doors.
Of course, tons of options, packages are available.

I guess most of them will be at around $40 000. 
The base price is just about $200 more than the smaller Jeep Wrangler.

Production starts early next year. (If things don't get worse...)

What do you think of the new Bronco?


Harry_Wild said...

Thanks! I wait a year or 2 and maybe be an Bronco owner.

FFEMT6 said...

The Bronco is going to make things VERY difficult for the Wrangler for quite a while.

Anonymous said...

Looks small but being based on the Ranger, I am not surprised.

Doug said...

I totally agree. The Bronco is amazing from any angle

Patrick said...

There are no mechanics or functions that would allow part of the roof to retract. Otherwise, there would be wires you would have to disconnect when you take the whole roof off, etc.

DANG said...

FJ + Wranger = Bronco. FJ needs a comeback or the 4Runner needs to step up it's game.