Friday, July 31, 2020

2021/22 Honda HR-V: Is this it???

Not sure if this is an official teaser or not. Or what else it is.
But it was sent to me as: "next-generation Honda HR-V".

Since a new Fit/Jazz came out a few months ago, we know an all-new HR-V is on its way soon.
The illustration above shows many of the current generation styling cues.
So who really knows...

The HR-V is basically the reason why we are not getting the new generation Fit in the US.
Since they sold almost 100 000 of them last year. And about 35 000 units of the Fit.
So the higher profit HR-V is the clear winner for Honda here.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Fisker's future: all 4 models ?

I really like the new Fisker Ocean SUV. (From what we've seen so far). Especially its $37 000 base price.
But Fisker is now in the works to use the VW I.D platform for the Ocean.
Which will surely need some redesign of the car to fit that platform (unless it was the idea all along)
I guess they could maybe still make their claimed "late 2022" production date, but I doubt it.

Now they are showing us all the cool new cars they will bring to the market. When the first one is still 2 years away.
The cool sporty one on the right is the e-Motion EV. Which looks great. that one was delayed in order to fast track the Ocean SUV.
So, even though it was introduced about 2 1/2 years ago, who knows...

The one on the left looks like some raised up hatchback sedan. Or a "coupe SUV" as they call these now.
In the back, under cover, we have the pic-up version of the Ocean, the Alaska. (HERE)
Something we have seen before as well. 

It's hard to get excited about any Fisker product (No matter how much I would like to)
With all these promises, delays, change of course, etc... Who knows if any of these will ever be produced, really...

2021 Kia Niro: act II

When it came out a few years ago, I thought the Kia Niro was a great idea. 
It was more lie an "almost" tall wagon than an SUV. The Hybrid version starts at under $25 000.
And the pure EV gets 239miles of range. Which is still pretty decent. 

But apparently, I was 100% wrong. Since it was never a hit. 
They sold less than 25 000 of them last year...

As you can see, Kia has been hard at work on an all-new 2nd generation. I guess the EV version will be priced under that all-new, larger and sportier, EV that is coming out soon.

Let's hope for a longer range, of course. But also an even more efficient hybrid model. And a nicer and more upscale interior. 

2021 Nissan Frontier: a better look

We can finally see a bit more of the all-new 2021 Nissan Frontier.
We know the powertrain will be similar to the revised 2020 model.
Which means a 9 speed automatic with the new 3.8 Liter V6 (currently rated at 310HP in the 2020 model)
The Frontier had a huge price increase for 2020. As it went up by $7500 from the previous year. 
Which will allow Nissan to price the all-new one slightly above and claim "a very small price increase (or none at all) over the previous generation".

Even with the new price, it is in line with the current V6 competition. (although the 2020 version is a 15-year-old design)

I still do not understand why Nissan doesn't combine our Frontier with the overseas Navara pick-up. 
Which, it seems, would save them tons of cash...
Ford is basically offering the same Ranger all over the world these days.

2022 Jeep Compass: at least a new dash.

As you can see, a few revisions are planned for the Jeep Compass next year.
At least there will be a new dashboard. The steering wheel also looks new. And since it is covered up, the rest of the dash and console are probably being redesigned as well.
I guess this will give the small Jeep a few more years before a total redesign. The current generation came out about 4 years ago already.
So it'll be at least 7 or 8 years old by the time an all-new one comes out. Which is nothing for FCA.
With almost 145 000 of them sold last year, it is doing OK for Jeep.

Although it has been kind of forgotten it seems...

VW ID.4: US version caught

The top photo is the US version of the all-new VW ID.4 EV.
While at the bottom, we have the Chinese model. The US version is supposed to be produced in the US.
While the Chinese one will of course be built locally for that market.

There is still a bit of camouflage on the top spy shots. But you can tell it is basically the same thing.
While we will not be getting the cute ID.3 hatchback, the slightly larger ID.4 will be the first one sold in the US.
Although who knows when. While the new EV will start sales in  Europe next year, it is now rumored to arrive in the US in about 2 years. Of course...
It seems that every new VW model takes at least 2 years to make it over here, for some reason (that reason is always: VW has no clue about the US market. )

The ID.3 just came out in Europe, and reviews have been OK, but not great. Especially regarding the cheap interior. We'll have to wait and see if the ID.4 does better.
This will be competing with the Nissan Ariya. The Nissan looks great and seems to have one of the best interiors around.

I think VW will have quite a tough time in the US with these...

What do you think?

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

2021 Mercedes S-Class interior: still weird...

Even though we have seen it before, I still think the Tesla wannabe interior of the next Mercedes S-Class is at odd with its super conservative/uninspired exterior.
It's just weird...
It also looks pretty cold. The S-Class usually has an interior that seems like a soft luxurious cocoon. This seems more like a hospital.
At least on these early grainy spy shots...

Here is something I posted a while ago.
Which matches the new shot on top.

As I mentioned before, this seems like it should be the interior of the EQS electric sedan. (it actually looks like a toned-down version of the concept interior) Not the regular S-Class.

More pictures of the new S-Class interior (HERE)

2021 Kia EV: triangular tail lights.

This seems to look good in all pictures we have seen so far. On these, you can see some plastic cladding around the wheels. Even though the car doesn't seem high at all. So this is probably some sort of sporty wagon shape with fake SUV plastic trims around. 
Which is OK I guess, if that helps selling it, why not...

The triangular rear lights seem really cool. And the whole shape seems to have really nice proportions.
This could be really interesting, and appealing to people who don't really like a traditional SUV shape. 

At least, they are trying ...

2022 GMC HUMMER EV: some teaser stuff

That video is pretty obnoxious. But so is the idea of a 1000HP Luxury electric Hummer SUV in the first place.

While the design od the pick-up versions look pretty dorky to me (with such weird proportions)
The SUV version seems like a pretty cool, almost retro, design.
I guess this could be "GM's New Bronco". For over $100 000...

The clay model on that last photo even reminds me a bit of the Toyota FJ-Cruiser. Which is great. 

No matter how good this ends up being, I am not sure reviving the Hummer name is such a great idea. Especially at this price point. By the time the new Hummer actually comes out (end of 2021), the new Rivians will be out. (and let's not forget Tesla's Cybertruck)
I saw the Rivians in person and sat in the SUV version. They are quite amazing in the flesh. With a real feel of class and luxury.
For much less than the Hummer is rumored to cost.

And there is that Hummer image. Which to me is still crap and vulgar. Maybe for people who don't remember the old Hummer SUVs, this will work. Who knows.

I think GM would have been better off just calling it a GMC. An expensive Electric GMC SUV and Pick-up would have been a great idea to move the brand upmarket.

2021 Honda Odyssey: minute changes for the new year.

Just as I mentioned a few weeks ago, the Odyssey minivan is getting a few revisions for 2021.
Very small changes. Although, I have to say, the front end does look a lot cleaner, and much better (top photo)
It seems Honda has been on a "clean up" path for the past few years. Simplifying their current designs a bit with small changes. (Like they did on the Fit a couple of years ago)
Which is good to see, since their designs were getting very busy.

Inside, things look exactly the same. 

Next, an updated 2021 Accord is coming out really soon. A cleaner grille would also be welcome there as well.
After this, the big news for Honda will be the all new generation Civic.

2021 Kia Sportage: triangles.

Since an all-new Hyundai Tucson is just around the corner, we are now seeing early pictures of its next-generation cousin, Kia Sportage. So far, there isn't much to see. Except maybe the new triangular shape LED upfront. And parts of the grille.

The current Sportage still looks great. And actually, so does the previous generation. Kia designs have been great lately, and the next Sportage could be quite a looker.

I also noticed the triangular shape lights on the upcoming Kia EV, pictured above.
Except these are, of course, the rear lights. I wonder if that shape will become a new Kia signature feature. 
Front and back.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

2021 new Kia EV: unlike the Imagine Concept.

As you can see on these new pictures, the upcoming, all-new Kia EV will not be a production version of the really good looking Imagine Concept from last year. Which is kind of too bad...

As Kia had previously mentioned they would "produce the Imagine in 2021".

Maybe that just means they will actually use the name "Imagine" for the new car.
Which is fine. As the prototypes of the actual production version do look quite interesting.
not as smooth as the Concept. It seems a much more angular design (The way the A-pillar meets the roof).

It also looks a bit lower and longer than its Hyundai cousin, which is a production version of the 45 Concept. (looking very much like the concept)

Sunday, July 26, 2020

2021 Buick envision: a few more pictures of the Chinese version.

Although we have seen a couple of pictures of the US version a while ago (HERE) GM has not released much info on the new 2021 Buick Envision.

They have only said it will be powered by a 2.0 Liter Turbo (Just like the current one and about 99% of GM models these days)
And the Avenir trim (pictured here) will be available in the US.
The current model has been controvertial since it has been imported from China.
GM has not anounced yet where the next one (US model) will be built.

I test drove the current one a while ago (HERE) and really liked it. It was comfortable, solid and quite refined. And roomy enough to spend the night in.

The new one looks much better, inside and out. 

Thursday, July 23, 2020

2021 Cadillac Lyriq

GM showed a preview of the giant 33-inch screen they will use in the all-new Cadillac Lyriq EV.
And of course, part of that screen shows the actual car. In this case, a rearview.
So this is what the new Cadillac Lyriq will look like

As a reminder, the car we will see next month is not the final production version. But a concept.
Although it might actually be more a pre-production model presented as a concept. Like most manufacturers are doing these days. There seem to be no real concept cars anymore...
So things might still change a bit between August and 2022. Which is when the Lyriq will actually start production.

That is a long, long time...

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

2021 VW Tiguan X: "coupe version of the Tiguan

It's "all SUVs all the time" these days at VW.

The recently revised Tiguan is now getting one of these "coupe" version. Just like what Audi is doing too.
As you can see in these pictures, this is, so far, a Chinese market model only. Where it will be sold as the "Tiguan X".
Still,  I cannot imagine VW resisting the temptation to bring this over to Europe.

While the Tiguan is VW's most popular model in the US, there is no word of this being sold over here.
of course.
Since it would make total sense to cash in on the Tiguan name in the US by adding another version, they probably won't do it...

Although, they did bring the shorter Atlas Cross Sport over here. So a Tiguan Cross Sport here could still be a possibility.

What do you think? Should they bring this over?

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

2021 Hyundai Tucson: Vs. the Vision T Concept

 It is no secret the next generation Tucson design is a production version of the gorgeous Vision T concept we saw late last year.
Which looked fantastic.

Upfront, you can tell things have been toned down a bit 9of course) The side "vents' aren't so huge anymore. but it does look pretty similar. Including the crazy looking LED signature.

the rear end, at least the lights, seem very different from the concept.
Not sure why, since the ones on the concept didn't look that crazy. They look a lot taller too.

Just like the new Elantra, this could end up being a pretty radical design for Hyundai.
At least, it will be different and interesting. And that great!

2021 Rolls Royce Ghost: spotted in Malibu

Funny to actually see a camouflaged Rolls Royce in such an expensive part of town. Since you can actually spot many Rolls in just one day over there...

There has been so many pictures of these Ghost prototypes driving around, this is nothing really new.
I think the current model still look spretty good. But, apparently, it is already about 10 years old.
Although it has been slightly updated for 2014, I guess it's time for a new one.

Under all that camo, the new one basically looks the same. Unlike the Bentley Flying Spur, which was transformed from an invisible/borderline ugly sedan to a stunning looking and much sleeker car with it recent redesign.
I guess Rolls won't take many chances with their new "entry level' model.

The current Ghost starts at around $312 000. While the Flying Spur is priced at $215 000.
That's is a staggering almost $100 000 difference!
While, arguably, the Bentley looks much better.

I guess the Rolls Royce name alone is worth the extra? To some people with just way too much money maybe?

Or you can also get a slightly used one for less than half the price!
Like the one right HERE. A 2016 model with only 12 000 miles for $150 000!

Monday, July 20, 2020

New Nissan Magnite: production Vs-Concept

The little Magnite concept was just introduced a few days ago, and we already have a pitcue of the production version.
Which, as expected, seems to be almost the same thing.

The production model will be powered by a tiny 1.0 Liter Turbo with 100HP.
And it is about 2 inches smaller than the Kicks.

This new Nissan is so far only scheduled for the Inidan market and a few other countries. There is, so far, no plans to sell it in Europe or the US.

2021 Hyundai Tucson interior teaser: no tablet!

The new teaser sketch from Hyundai is probably a slightly simplified version of the new interior.
While the second photo from a prototype probably doesn't show the final trims and textures.

Still, this is already looking great. This is exactly how a center screen should be positioned.
Not an afterthought like in the 2021 Camry. Or many other cars these days. The designers actually came up with an elegant and original way to include it in the general design.

The next generation Tucson could very well become a huge hit for Hyundai. The current generation is doing OK. But with just under 138 000 of them sold last year, it really is no match for the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV-4. (With yearly sales of over 380 000 and almost 450 000 for the Toyota!)

I think the next Tucson could become one of the major players. And also spell trouble for the all-new Nissan Rogue.

What do you think?

Could this become the huge hit Hyundai needs to compete with Toyota and Honda?