Tuesday, June 09, 2020

2022 Mercedes GLC SUV illustrations

These are just illustrations. And so far, they just look OK. There is really nothing original.
Which, I guess, is close to reality. The GLC is a big hit for Mercedes with over 73 000 of them sold in the US last year alone.
I guess they are not looking to shake things up in any way...

Here is the real thing.

Which does look a bit longer than the current model. More like a tall wagon than an SUV. (And almost like a 3rd-row seat could fit back there.)
Since the GLC is basically an SUV version of the C-Class, we will know more about it once the new C-Class is revealed. Interiors will be very similar. As well as engine choices.


Anonymous said...

The current one is boring to look at.

Anonymous said...

nice headlight idea...the rest is same old