Monday, June 01, 2020

2022 Lexus RX

Nothing real yet, this is just an illustration.
But there will be an all-new generation Lexus RX next year. Sold as a 2022 model.

I really hope for more than this. Which is basically a blend of the current car and the LF-1 concept.
The whole thing just looks busy, obnoxious, and very heavy-handed.
They need to go back to a much less aggressive look.

It will be interesting to see what they do with the next RX Which could very well end up being another "hybrid-only" model. 


Anonymous said...

In this case, you need to provide some sources. You know that's not for the RX, even if it should go RWD.

That's for a production version of LF-1 Concept and is a rendering from Best Car/Kodansha from 2 years ago.

Keep it honest and credible please, as pulling this theory out of thin air doesn't make sense.

Captain Midnight said...

Lexus has really lost it was with these unnecessary bulging accent cut lines and angles everywhere, trying to pass as style. Thank God Genesis is bring smooth clean lines back to the luxury car segment.

Anonymous said...

Why bother giving the Harrier/Venza to Toyota if you're going to sell something that looks nearly identical (for a much higher price) over at Lexus?

Anonymous said...

Just when I thought front ends couldn't get any uglier... here it is!

Harry_Wild said...

The front end in the 2022 even looks totally hideous! Extra large grill and fake air vents!