Monday, June 01, 2020

2022 Electric Mustang sedan

Ford is not hiding the fact that the Mustang name will be used in the near future for a whole line up of new cars.
Of course, the 1st one is the new Mach-E EV.
But there has been rumored of an even smaller crossover with "Mustang-inspired styling".
But also a sporty 4 door sedan.

The illustration above shows what a 4 door version of the next-generation Mustang could look like. 
And I think it does look great.
This would be a really cool looking fastback sedan. EV or not. (Although it should really be a hatchback...)

This is the very first idea Ford had for a 4 door Mustang. All the way back in 1963.


Carscarscars said...

So I guess Ford sedans aren't dead.

Anonymous said...

Replacement for the Fusion?

Anonymous said...

Way to water down your halo model even further.