Thursday, May 28, 2020

All new VW Nivus

VW just unveiled its new Nivus in Brazil. Since the South American market will be its main destination.
But it will also be sold in Europe starting next year.

It is based on the VW Polo. With a very similar interior.

I think the Nivus looks pretty cute. That interior also looks better than almost every VW interior we have in the US.
The engine is a small 3 cylinder with 128HP. Which is probably just fine for something like this.

Too bad VW won't send this over here. 


Anonymous said...

vw version of subaru crosstrek

Anonymous said...

VW makes the most boring cars on the plant, it must take a lot of skill making boxes with wheels. This day and age that should not cut it, I guess there are a lot of boring buyers on this planet.....such a shame.

Anonymous said...

nice enough vs the past models. too many BOXY straight lines

Anonymous said...

nice looking solid