Tuesday, May 12, 2020

2022 Kia Cadenza

Looking much more dynamic than the current generation.

This has a very European look to it. At least from these pictures. I also notice the lack of some of the trim around the doors.
Which means less chrome in the final version, I guess.
You can also see an odd-looking little chrome triangle on the rear side window. Something similar to the cool European Pro-Ceed wagon. So there might be some original (strange) looking trim around somewhere. 

I wonder if Kia might actually merge the next Cadenza with the Stinger. Since no 2nd generation, Stinger is planed. 


Patrick said...

That triangle seems to be a new design element that Kia is adding - it's also present on the new Sorento.

Jamayl said...

First Stinger sells better than Cadenza and K900 combined in the USA. Why would they still consider the 2nd generation K900 a go even when the 1st one was a flop?

Doug said...

Hyundai/Kia put rubber protector strips on the chrome around the doors. This car probably still has chrome all the way around the windows - look at the rear quarter window in the highway shot.

Unknown said...

In Korea though.. only 3.6k Stingers sold compared to 55k K7s(Casenzas) in 2019

Jamayl said...

So why wont they just sell the Cadenza over in S. KOREA like the Mohave?

Anonymous said...

Credenza is a better name. I'm not a fan of expensive Korean cars. the whole idea makes no sense. Put your many towards Japanese or German quality