Monday, May 11, 2020

2021/22 Kia Cadenza

Kia is not wasting any time redesigning their large sedan.
I didn't realize that the current one came out back in 2016. So it will be at least 5 years old by the time this one comes out.
By that time, it probably won't be competing with the Stinger, which is apparently no longer scheduled for a second generation.

I guess this must be popular somewhere (probably Korea). Because they only sold 1630 of them in the US last year (!) So I really don't think the next generation will make it over here. Why would it?

Still, The Cadenza and Stinger are probably fantastic 3-year-old used cars deals.


Anonymous said...

Why is Kia bothering? I don’t remember the last time I’ve seen a Cadenza and I’ve probably seen maybe 3 all together. And that is here in (what used to be traffic congested NY.

Patrick said...

As Vince's post said, it probably won't come to the U.S., but they're a South Korean company that has markets outside of the U.S. (where it sells much better), so this is for those markets more than it is for us.