Wednesday, May 13, 2020

2021 Mercedes S-Class interior video

Here is a very short and grainy video of the "strange" new interior for the redesigned Mercedes S-Class.

I call it "strange" because I think it is.
. Strange to design such a weird/futuristic interior for such a conservative/boring exterior design. They just don't go together at all.
. Strange because it looks way too much like a Tesla interior.
. Strange because it just doesn't look as upscale as a 21st century top of the line Mercedes should be. (although that will be much better in real life. I hope...)


Ben said...

Like it or not, the S Class decides what luxury is. This theme will not be copied for the next 7 years.

Anonymous said...

The static shots from the other day made me think the hump behind the speedometer screen is a massive HUD. This video works hard to avoid showing the windshield – making me wonder if that is the ace up the sleeve on this otherwise bizarrely un-S-Class interior.