Sunday, May 31, 2020

2021 BMW 4 series

Not really a surprise. Since we have seen the ghastly new face on the concept last year.
This is just the ultimate evolution of recent horrible and obnoxious BMW grilles.

Which is really too bad, since it seems the rest of the car will look quite nice (From what we have seen of the concept and spy shots)
As usual, this is what used to be called "3 series coupe". A 2 door version of the 3 series sedan.
I wonder if the future mid-cycle facelift of the 3 series will include the new grille...

Saturday, May 30, 2020

2022 Lexus IS

Small. Grainy. Blurry and distorted.

So far that's not much. But it is ht next-generation Lexus IS sedan. So at least we know for sure there will be a "next-generation".

A while ago, some Lexus exec had hinted at a possible new body type to replace the slow-selling IS.
Something more like a wagon. Or at least a fastback/hatchback type.

But it looks like what we are getting is just another small sedan. Or, that crazy camouflage could be hiding something a bit more interesting.
Just repeating the small sedan act might not be enough to boost sales.

(They sold less than 15 000 of these last year...)

Friday, May 29, 2020

2021 Acura TLX video (in "BurlappVision")

Official footage from Acura. See the all-new TLX in pretty much every angle possible, inside and out.

And also some really nice driving footage.

This is looking really good for Acura so far...

2021 Buick Envision

GM has just released a few pictures of the all-new Buick Envision SUV for 2021.
And I think it is one of the best-looking crossover out there.
What a classy, modern design. This is actually so refreshing to see something like this.

No interior pictures were released yet, and not many specs.
The powertrain will be GM's usual 2.0 Liter Turbo and a 9-speed auto.
AWD will, of course, be an option.
And it will be available with a new 10-inch touch screen.
The top of the line Avenir trim will be available. 

Apparently, this is based on the Cadillac XT-4. But I think it already looks much nicer than the Cadillac.
And the Avenir trim might very well match the top of the line XT-4 for less money.

This will be another case of "Buick competing with Cadillac".

GM's 2.0 Liter is great. Smooth, quiet, and refined. But they really need to step up and offer some kind of electrification.
One of the new Avenir's main competitor will be the equally new Toyota Venza. Which has a standard hybrid powertrain and is expected to get a 40MPG average rating.

Also not sure if this new 2021 model will still be imported from China (the current Envision is) or not.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

How about all these new Nisan models...

Let's start with the best news. As this is obviously the all-new Nissan Z.

This is the new Rogue. Which we have already seen HERE.

2021 all-new Nissan Frontier. 

This is the production version of the gorgeous Nissan Ariya.

The long-awaited Nissan Pathfinder. Finally.
Which will be jumping into a very popular segment these days.

 The all-new Note. the previous generation was sold here as the "Versa Note".
Which might or might not make a come back in the US. Seen HERE

The next Qashqai will basically be our next Rogue Sport

All new VW Nivus

VW just unveiled its new Nivus in Brazil. Since the South American market will be its main destination.
But it will also be sold in Europe starting next year.

It is based on the VW Polo. With a very similar interior.

I think the Nivus looks pretty cute. That interior also looks better than almost every VW interior we have in the US.
The engine is a small 3 cylinder with 128HP. Which is probably just fine for something like this.

Too bad VW won't send this over here. 

All new Nissan Z!

The coolest news in that Nissan trailer I posted earlier is our very first look at the all-new generation Nissan Z.
I think it looks great so far. A nide blend of retro and really modern.
Let's hope the powertrain is equally modern. Nissan really needs to stand out these days.
While a pure EV would be great, I'm not sure they are willing to push things that far. At least not yet.

But it really should be some kind of a hybrid. Plug-in with almost 100 miles would be perfect.
So sort of an "everyman Polstar One".


What's next for Nissan.

This is an all-new teaser video from Nissan, showing pretty much everything that is coming up from them, for the next 2 years.

Just compare that to Mazda, who, a few months ago, announced there would be nothing new from them for the 2 years!

Not only this is a lot of new and redesigned models. But a pretty gutsy move.

Most of these look really good, and that is on top of their current, and all-new, sedan line up.

Good for them!

2021 Acura TLX: The good pix!!!

As usual, better pictures do make the car look so much better.
I still wish Acura could release more photos of the "non Type-S" model, since this is what will be the most popular by far.
( I guess the brown interior is the regular model?)

Also, I am really, really not a big fan of these red interiors. So it's hard to judge from these pictures.

It is obvious the interior design basically looks like a car version of the RDX. I also still wish the screen was better integrated.
The last time I drove the RDX at night the screen was a bit high and distracting. I also wonder why they didn't make it a bit wider. There seems to be too much empty space on each side of it.

Otherwise, as I said, it looks much better than on the previous grainy pictures.
And it alsmot has RWD proportions, just like the Volvo S60. Which is very nice.

The S-Type will be available a full year from now.
At launch, only the base and "A-Spec" package will be available. It has its own platform so it is not a "fancy Accord".

As mentioned earlier, the only engine available this year will be a 272HP version of teh 2.0 Liter Turbo.
With a 10 speed automatic.
No new specs on the V6 yet.
SH-AWD is an option on the 2.0 Liter and standard with the Type-S V6.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

2021 Acura TLX 2.0 Liter

I have been told these pictures are of the "base" 2.0 Liter Version.
Which means slightly less aggressive front and rear ends. And of course, more chrome than the sportier Type-S.

I actually think Acura should have made the standard model a Hybrid. Instead of just using the Accord engine with a bit more power.
A more powerful version of the Accord Hybrid system would have helped the new TLX stand out a bit from the crowd.
Which is exactly what Toyota has done with the new Hybrid-only Venza.

I know these are crappy photos and the real thing (or even nicer pix) will look better than this.
I am just not sure this is enough to tempt people over a loaded Accord...

All new VW Nivus SUV

The upcoming Nivus looks like a cute little SUV. Which means it will probably never be sold over here, (since VW still doesn't seem to have a clue of the US market)

This is basically an SUV version of the VW Polo sold in most countries (but not here)
Apparently, this is mostly for the South American market (Just like the Nissan Kicks was at first)
But will also be sold in Europe.

Instead of this, it seems that VW has other plans for their "tiny SUV for the US".
Which will probably be a US version of some super squared off/conservative-looking Chinese model.

Too bad...

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

2021 Acura TLX Vs. Acura Type-S Concept

A few more pictures of the production model allow us to compare it to last year's Type-S concept.

And it's a little bit disappointing. As the concept looked really nice. But at the same time, it was nothing futuristic. It looked like with just a few added details (like door handles) it could have been the production car.

The real thing looks very toned down. It just lost all the clean and crisp look of the concept.
The grille especially should have been exactly like the one used on the concept. Instead, we have this larger one which looks exactly like the one on the RDX. Surrounded by a chrome trim (or painted black on the Type-S version)

This might just end up like "another semi-luxury sedan", which is exactly what Acura does NOT need...

Let's hope this is a case if "it looks much better in the flesh".

2021 Mercedes E-Class convertible

I really like the current E-Class convertible. Which is a classy, simple design.  But I am not sure that mid-cycle refresh (top pic) is such an improvement. It now has that inverted "angry face" grille that other, cheaper Mercedes models have. And still massive fake plastic vents openings. (You know. the ones that are not actually "open"...)
I actually like the current design better...

Minute changes inside. I notice that analog clock seems to be gone.
And that new Mercedes steering wheel still looks overdone and almost weird to me.
Otherwise there seems to be nothing else new.

Not sure this was worth it...

2021 Acura TLX

Here are the very first photos of the real thing. The all-new Acura TLX for 2021.

As we knew, it is a production version of last year's concept. So no big surprises.
This might not be great news since Acura really needs this car to be noticed.
Overall, this might not look drastically different from the current model in real life.

Although that front end seems quite aggressive.
Inside as well. The interior is very different. And seems to be inspired by the RDX.
Like a lower, "car version" of the RDX interior. While I am a big fan of the RDX, I never really understood why they design a huge knob, right in the center of the console, for the ride selector switch.
Which is not something you use that often, yet is right in the middle of everything. (Actually, where the volume knob should really be)
I also see the same trackpad as in the RDX. Which can be confusing at first.
Let's hope the screen is now a touch screen. Something Lexus has added in the 2020 RX (while keeping the touchpad as well)

As far as engines, the base model comes with a version of the Accord's 2.0 Liter engine. Now with 272HP.
The "Type S" model comes with an all-new 3.0 V6 Turbo. While no HP figure has been released yet, (probably a bit over 300HP) Acura claims "V8 like power and refinement. Greater than 50% increase in low-end-torque compared to the current 3.5 Liter V6".

A loaded Honda Accord Touring is about $36 000. At this price, it comes with pretty much everything you can imagine. It is also a great driving, super solid comfortable car.
The new one is much more powerful so it should cost more.
But it could be priced very attractively, even if it starts at around $36 000 or so.

The RDX is great, at a great price. A follow-up sedan would be great for Acura.

More on this very soon.

2021 Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai has just released a teaser photo of the new 2021 Santa Fe.
And, as you can see, this isn't just a simple mid-cycle facelift. With just a slightly new front and.
Since, at least from that angle, it looks all new.
We know most of the profile design will stay very similar to the current model. But the rear end should also be significantly redesigned.
As for the interior, we have seen it HERE.

The amazing part, is theta the 2021 model will be using a new platform. Hyundai/Kia has done it before (switching platform in the middle of a life-cycle) but it still seems like quite a drastic move.
This will allow the 2021 model to be offered as a plug-in hybrid model as well as a regular hybrid.

This could be some serious competition for the recently released Toyota Venza. 

Monday, May 25, 2020

2021 Mercedes S-Class teaser

At first it doesn't look that "new".
Until you actually compare it to the current model (bottom pic)

Still, this is a super conservative exterior design. Which is OK, since it is "the big old Mercedes". Except I still don't think it works well at all with the new, weird/simplsitic/semi-futuristic interior.
(pictured HERE) That interior will fit the new electruc EQS much better.

The S-class will be what it has been for year. A super luxuriuous, top of the line Mercedes. Impressive yet not as reliable as it used to be decades ago...

Sunday, May 24, 2020

2021 Genesis G70 interior.

As you can see, Genesis will not really change anything inside the revised G70 sedan for 2021.
While it will be getting a whole new front and rear-end design, including a new grille, bumpers, and lights. The interior will be the same. Except for, of course, a larger (wider0 screen. (not shown here)

And why not. it's already quite shocking they are changing the exterior that much so soon after the car came out. Which is kind of insulting to early buyers.