Thursday, April 09, 2020

2021 Nissan Kicks

It looks like the small Nissan Kicks is getting ready for a mid-cycle refresh.
(top 2 pix)
The grille seems larger than before. And the bumper design is of course new.

A refresh might seem a bit early since we've had the Kicks in the US for only a couple of years. But it has actually been on sale in other countries since 2016.

It has been getting mostly good reviews. I have not driven one yet (since I haven't been able to get Nissan cars for a while) but I hear it is a comfortable, stable and quiet small car. All for a very reasonable price.
I just think, no matter how cheap a car is, you should be able to pick more than one color inside. As the US version of the Kicks is only available with a black interior...


moore said...

Nissan has become the cost-cutter brand. They're now coming out with reasonably good looking small cars but their long term reliablity has become questionable. I can't see myself having another Nissan/Infiniti ever again.

Anonymous said...

Nissan has found something in their grill design... It just works

tony said...

the current Kicks looks fine as is. What it really needs is to ditch the crappy CVT transmissions and give it a six speed automatic and an optional 150-165 HP engine.