Saturday, February 22, 2020

Treasures from the "Golden Cactus ghost town museum".

On my way back from Death Valley a few days ago I drove by this really weird place called the "Golden Cactus ghost town museum".
Not only weird, but it actually looked a bit scary...
And of course, "closed".

I did manage to take a few pictures of some of the cars that were parked there.

- In the 1st one I can recognize an old International truck. A fantastic looking Lincoln Continental 3. An old Dodge and a Studebaker.
- Not sure what's in that second photo.
- In the 3rd pic, I can see a chrome logo that says "Special deluxe". But I am still not sure of the brand.
And I have no idea what the really old Laurel and Hardy type car is.
- Again, no idea what the car is in the last photo.

Do you know what these cars are?


Anonymous said...

They are treasures. I hope the owner car restore them and maintain them. It does not look like a junkyard.

Brendan said...

Second photo is a 1949 Dodge
The Special DeLuxe is a early 40s Plymouth
Final photo is a 1954 Plymouth

Tom Johnson said...

Last photo is a '54 Plymouth.

Z said...

Golden Cactus Ghost Town Museum = Capital with the start of each word.

Anonymous said...

I think what you think is a Studebaker in the 1st photo is actually a Tucker.

Anonymous said...

Holy hell a derelict Tucker