Saturday, February 29, 2020

Is the Eldorado coming's g back?

These have been published before, since they are patent designs from 2018.

I guess they were showing a coupe version of the "then" upcoming CTS replacement. (?) Which ended up being called CT5.
I think the car looks great. Also great to see the fastback shape is actually a real hatchback, just like the Escala concept.

Bust since, GM did announce that Cadillac will be coming up with many all new electric models. 
Almost a parallel line-up to their gas cars. And all these new EVs will have real names. Nothing stupid like CT4/CT5/CT6/XT4/XT5 or XT6 anymore.
Which is great news in itself. But there also has been rumors of a coupe.
Which could (or at least should) be based on the design above.

A new electric Cadillac Eldorado would be really, really cool...

This is the illustration Cadillac showed last year. No concept, no name, just this.
Apparently, we will be sing the real thing next month. Which will be Cadillac's first real EV.

The cool coupe design shown above would fit nicely with this...


Anonymous said...

Sure hope an Eldorado option is a white padded vinyl top and wide whitewall tires! Kidding aside, the design is very nice.

Anonymous said...

Haha on the reto comment - but, in all seriousness, would there be a cool way to integrate just the sleek roof panel that was vinyl for a special package? Add a few retro inspired interior color schemes.

Doug said...

Those patent drawings actually look great!

Anonymous said...

Vince -

You wrote:

Is the Eldorado coming's g back?

"Apparently, we will be sing the real thing next month."