Friday, February 21, 2020

2021 Ford F-150: not all new.

It looks like the "new" Ford F-150 for 2021 is not all new.
But just an extensive refresh.

It is basically the same truck with an all new front end, slightly revised rear end. And probably a new interior.
I guess it doesn't matter since, no matter what, they seem to sell about a million of these every year.
So why spend the money on something 'all new".

The real news will be the availability of an EV version. About a year later. Which will compete of course with the various electric versions of the GM trucks.

We'l have to wait at least 3 years it seems for a real "new F-150"...


Doug said...

They don't need to make it all new. There is an easy checklist of upgrades the F150 needs (like a competitive interior) that can easily be accomplished without starting completely over. Ford is usually on a 10 year lifecycle anyway, doing a major refresh at 5 years and full replacement at 10.

Patrick said...

The body may look similar, but it’s clearly different...look at the wheel arches.

Anonymous said...

You could not be more wrong. The new F-150 is completely new in every way. Most importantly, the platform is all-new as to allow hybrid and electric versions of the truck to be offered. Please research before you comment.

Ralph L said...

Looks like the new hood slants downward a little. I don't see how short people see over of the high, flat hoods on big trucks/SUV.

Anonymous said...

Still looks like a crude farm tractor.