Tuesday, January 14, 2020

2021 GMC Yukon

 As usual, the new Yukon is basically the exact same car as the Chevrolet Tahoe/Suburban (bottom pic), for more money.
And of course, it has its own front end. I have to say, this time it looks like GMC has outdone themselves.
As the new grille/front end is more vulgar than ever. This looks like a bad Chinese copy of an American truck.

 Same thing inside, where you can see the interior is also the same as the Tahoe/Suburban (bottom pic)
Except for the steering wheel and minute trim changes...

 At least the Denali version gets an all new dashboard. Which is a bit weird.

It looks a bit odd, but at least it is different than the Chevrolet version.
I think GMC really needs to use this das design in all the Yukon models, not just the Denali.


Anonymous said...

But the BMW huge grill is ugly and this isn't. Amirite? SMH!

That front end is as silly as what BMW is doing.

Harry_Wild said...

I like the styling inside and out then the new Tahoe! Sort of too big for me at 210” long however.

Anonymous said...

I find this a very odd move. I really like both interiors, but I agree with you that the Denali interior should have just been the standard interior for all Yukons. While I really like both, I don't really think that the Denali one looks more luxurious or expensive - different and good looking sure, but not really more upscale. Maybe I need to experience the materials in person.