Friday, January 03, 2020

2021 Genesis GV80 rear view

Still with some camouflage tape here and there.
Some protective film on the rear lights, etc...

But it gives us a decent idea of what the new SUV looks like from that angle.
No matter what, this will be the new Genesis brand's best seller. Probably by far.
The new brand basically doubled its sales in 2019. And about half of these sales were from the new G70 sedan which sold a bit over 10 000 units.
A new SUV should be able to beat that easily.
(Even the super slow selling Infiniti QX50 managed to sell over 16 000 units last year...)


FFEMT6 said...

There isn't much I have seen of the GV80 that I don't like in regards to design, other than the larger than needed grill.

Captain Midnight said...

Grille is too big. Wheels are ugly. Rectangle square platic piece in middle of grille fro sensors look cheap on real car. Steering wheel airbag to fat. C-pillar treatment is ugly. Nice try Hyundai, maybe next time.

Anonymous said...

Still not any better.

Harry_Wild said...

I do not like the 3rd pillar upswing styling!

Anonymous said...

It's called the D Pillar Harry. And yes it's very ugly.

Signed, CM1