Friday, January 31, 2020

2021 Mercedes C-Class interior

It basically will look like a smaller, cheaper 2021 S-Class interior.
"All screens all the time"

The thick plastic frame around the speedometer screen looks really bad and cheap. But that could just be on this prototype.
Now the round vents also look really odd on top of that screen.

Otherwise, things look pretty modern. But it also means that all of their interiors might end up looking the same (This being so close to the next S-Class interior design)
Just like what thrive been doing with their exteriors. At least on all their sedans.

Which is really too bad...

2021 Fiat 500 EV

Hard to tell under all that super thick camouflage, but this is an all new version of the Fiat 500.
Coming later this year as a 2021 model.
The "regular" 500 is still on sale in Europe and has been slightly revised for 2020.

But this one is an all new design, inside and out. And will only be offered as an EV.
It is supposed to be larger than the gas powered 500 and have a much longer range than the 500 EV models that used to be sold in the US, until last year.

I do hope FCA decides to sell the new one in the US. Being a bit larger with a longer electric range, it could have a much better chance.
This would go directly agains the new Mini Cooper EV.

2021 Kia Sorento

More of what we have seen before.
Quite a departure from the current generation.
Similar to what Toyota has done with the new RAV-4. Looking more like a truck than before.

I guess, the busy exterior matches the new busy interior. With lots of chrome, unnecessary lines, scoops etc...

Thursday, January 30, 2020

All new 2022 Hummer EV truck

This is a very early video teaser for the all new Hummer Electric pick up truck.

By the end of 2021, that new Hummer will not be the only large pick up truck available.
Since the new Ford F-150 will also offer an electric version. And other brands like Rivian and Fisker are planing EV pick ups for around the same time.
But also, GMC.
Which means GMC will offer both the Hummer and the GMC Sierra electric pick up. Why??

On the subject of why: 1000HP and 0 to 60 in 3 seconds. Why?
Why this obsession with ridiculous power and speed in electric vehicle?
For most drivers, 0 to 60 in 3 seconds is just too fast! It is just way too much power in the hands of regular, untrained drivers who do not have the skills to handle it.

While I do like the design of the new Hummer (at least from the little we can see here), I just don't get the reasoning behind this half way rebirth of the brand...

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

How about another picture of the all new 2021 Kia Sorento...

I guess these tail lights do look a bit more original from this angle.
The whole thing seems more old fashion looking than the much more modern Telluride.
But since it will be thousands less, it could still be a good deal for a 3 row SUV.

But you'll have to live with that super tacky interior and old fashion chrome grille.(HERE) .

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

2021 Genesis G80

In a very busy year, Genesis will very soon release an all new version of its G80 sedan.

Engines should be similar to the ones offered in the new GV80 SUV since both use a similar RWD platform.
This will go head to head with other luxury mid sized sedans. Although, again, no German car buyers will consider Genesis.

So basically, at least in the US, the competition will be mostly the new Cadillac CT5.
Which is very competitively priced at around $37 000.
And, I guess, the next generation Acura TLX, whenever it comes out.

2020/21 Audi S3

At first it looks very similar to the current version (2nd pic)
But actually, it is a lot edgier and angular. And looking much more modern.

We probably will not be getting the hatchback version this time around in the US. (It was offered for a while in the US as a plug-in hybrid only model)
So basically, add a trunk to this and you have our new A3 sedan for next year.

At least the S3 version. 

2021 Mercedes S-Class

As you can see from the top photo, the all new Mercedes S-Class will continue the tradition of not looking all new. (Current generation in white)

While the interior is supposed to be quite futuristic, with a huge center screen, the exterior seems to follow a very similar shape. 
A simpler, cleaner version of the current design.
Which is what all new generation Mercedes models seem to look like : cleaner versions of the previous design.

Which is fine, but it would also be fine to see something new once in a while...

2021 Kia Sorento

This is so far the best look we have of the all new Kia Sorento for 2021.
And, at least to me, it really does not look better than the current model.

The current one is still modern and pretty classy looking. Even quite upscale. This one looks like it is trying to hard. Way too hard. 
It is even strange to think it came out from the same brand who is selling the Telluride. Which looks so much better, and simpler.
This interior is just tacky. All that plastic silver trim has too look pretty bad in real life (as it usually does)

I don't really get what they were going for here. maybe to appeal more to the Chinese market?

I think for a few thousand dollars more, the telluride is a vast improvement over this...

Monday, January 27, 2020

GM EV Pick-up coming up.

Of course, this is a very early teaser.
When they say "our electric future is now". "Now" means in a bout 2 years.
Since this electric truck will not go into production before the end of next year.

Apparently, the name Hummer will be revived. But not as a brand. More like a sub-brand to GMC.
Which basically makes no sense. Since they also claim an electric version of the GMC Sierra is coming up...

There will be plenty of electric pick-up trucks in 2 years. Since the next generation Ford F 150 will also be available in a full EV version.
Plus the Cybretruck from Tesla and luxury pick-up from Rivian.

And let's not forget the electric Cadillac Escalade. Which will be coming up about a year after the Electric pick-up truck. That should be really interesting...

How about another new Nissan SUV...

Yes, Nissan is coming up with another small SUV. Something even cheaper than the Kicks.
So far this is mostly for India.
But it could very well end up in other countries.
Just like the Kicks, which was originally for Brazil.

Apparently, this will be powered by a small 1.0 Liter Turbo engine. And it is based on the Renault Kwid.
So far, it seems quite nice looking...

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Cruising Instagram...

These are pictures of a 1962 "Ford Cougar" prototype.
Which, obviously, became the first generation Mustang 2 years later.
Besides the name, the main obvious difference seems to be the oval headlights.

And the weird Cougar logo instead of the Mustang famous horse...

The cars pictured above are all early versions of what would become the Ford Fiesta. 
The blue one is from Ghia in 1972. While the others could be in-house projects. 

That last one is quite ugly...

This one is a Mercedes C-Class version from 1993.
Looking a lot like a smaller 1st generation E-Class. 

Saturday, January 25, 2020

2021 Kia Sorento Interior

 Of course, it is a bit hard to tell from all these early pictures.
But the interior of the all new 2021 Kia Sorento looks like quite a mess.

With tons of odd shapes, lines, plastic silver trim everywhere.
Nothing like the very nice Telluride interior.

But, again, it is too early to really tell.
But it seems really, really busy in there...

Friday, January 24, 2020

2021 Mercedes E-Class

It looks like Mercedes will slightly modify the E-Class for 2021.
Smaller headlights, new grille and bumpers etc... Not much actually.
I think the changes will make the coupe and convertible versions even better looking.
Since they already look cleaner than the sedan.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

2021 Cadillac Escalade

This is all we get for now. We'll have to wait until February 4th to see the whole thing.
Or head over HERE to see the really a bit more.

I wish they had found a way to get rid of the horizontal headlights and squeeze the whole front lights into the vertical ones.
Which would really give the big Cadillac a very modern and original look.
Maybe next time?

The all new Escalade will probably still use the same old 6.2 Liter V8. Which is really not that
refined for a super expensive luxury truck.
There are still strong rumors about a full EV version a year or two later. Which could actually be great.

They really need to fast track this one...
No matter what, the new Escalade will get a really cool interior. 
Which will be much nicer than its GM cousins. With a pretty futuristic double screen design seen above. 
And a small shifter instead of the push button set up seen in the new Suburban/Tahoe and Yukon. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Another next generation Nissan Z illustration

There seem to be more and more illustrations of the next Z these days.
And a few rumors as well.

As we all know, the good old Z is really due for a redesign.
But I also think it is due for a rethinking. Something new.

This illustration is just showing us a newer version of the current design, with more current Nissan styling cues .
First, I think the Z needs to be an EV. A sporty EV "for the best of us".

Second. Maybe it is time to rethink the "super claustrophobic interior with a tiny trunk" thing.
This is not a good time for sports cars.
Maybe a "shooting brake" design would be more appropriate in a a world where most people seem to want something more practical.

What do you think?

GMC Sierra Crew Cab Diesel test drive.

While the GMC Sierra is basically the same truck as the Chevrolet Silverado, GM did make an effort by giving the GMC different body panels.

 At around 240 inches long, it is basically huge. Longer than a Chevrolet Suburban or Cadillac Escalade. 
Which means that parking it almost anywhere is quite a chore. At least around town. 

As you can see on these pictures, the tailgate has a cool trick and actually transforms into steps for easier access to the cargo bed. Which is good since the cargo area is really high.

The interior is basically the exact same thing as the less expensive Chevrolet version (bottom picture) Which makes you wonder why GMC even exists in the first place. 

 Of course, that interior is super roomy. The seats are very comfortable, front and back. 
The 8 speaker Bose system sounds very nice. 
But most of the plastics are still pretty cheap. Which would be OK “for a truck”. But my test model was almost $60 000 already. And not loaded with all options.

The truck itself is also high. I mean very high. As you can see on this picture, here in Los Angeles, it was just too high to even enter some parking structures.

 And, at over 55 inches high, the giant hood is higher than many cars! (The poor little fiat 500 pictured here is only 4 inches higher total) Which means, you just cannot see what is right ahead of you.

 The drive is, well... Very trucky. Not much different than what these trucks were 20 years ago or more.
(just like the Silverado...)
It seems the big tires do most of the job of absorbing road irregularities. Not the suspension. Therefore, while if feels soft, you still feel every single bumps. You and your passengers are constantly moving up and down, side to side. 
 The steering is pretty lazy but also accurate enough. 
The transmission is excellent. You barely need to push your foot down to downshift and it always seems to be in the right gear.
The best part of this truck is the wonderful 3.0 Liter Duramax Turbo-Diesel.
It is actually amazing how quiet and smooth it is. Pretty much all the time, even when cold. And the power is also very impressive. This is a very punchy giant.
The official numbers for the gas mileage are 23 city and 30 highway. I did get 23 around town. Which is quite amazing. And reached around 35MPG on freeway trips. Which means, this huge truck pretty much uses the same amount of gas as a mid sized sedan.
More surprising to me is the difference with the standard 5.3 Liter V8 which I drove a few weeks ago. (In the Chevrolet version) Where the mileage was 11 city and 20 HWY.
The diesel basically uses half the amount of gas, or less.
One of my favorite drive is going to Malibu from where I am, which includes freeways and canyon driving. 
My 38MPG average on this local trip is nothing but amazing. I remember when the best number I was getting, years ago, was from an Altima Hybrid. Which was also 38MPG.
To get the same number with a huge truck is quite something...

I think the Duramax is well worth the $2500 cost f the option. I also think this will be an amazing engine for the all new Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban. It could make these giant SUVs almost as efficient as a Toyota RAV-4.

 The GMC Sierra is almost like a time machine that brings you back to the 1970’s. 
At around 240 inches long, it is longer than most 1970’s American cars. (A 1978 huge Chrysler New Yorker was 231 inches long)
It basically still drives like a 1970’s car, although with a better steering. And if you’re not getting the diesel, 11 MPG around town is also what you used to get in the huge 70’s boats.
This is basically strictly for “people who really need one”.
But, somehow, GMC and Chevrolet sold over 800 000 of them in 2018. Which is about twice as many as the best selling “non-truck” vehicle in the US.
These are very appealing to a much larger audience than strictly ‘truck people”. Or those  who actually need one.
It is still a hard thing to understand for someone like me, who grew up and lives in a large city, and has zero need for something like this.

Click on the picture above to see all the pricing details of my test truck.