Wednesday, December 04, 2019

2021 Kia Optima interior

Most manufacturers are not giving up on good looking, affordable mid sized sedans.
A good example is the all new Kia Optima/K5.
This interior would have been great just a few years ago in a luxury car.

The Optima will no doubt start at under $25 000 in the US. Of course the pix above are from the top of the line, wood and leather model. Which will still be under $35 000.

Good to see someone isn't giving up.

Kia sold over 101 000 Optima last year. 
While Ford sold over 173 000 Fusions! 
Yet, Kia is not giving up and is coming up with an even better one for 2021...


Anonymous said...

I think it looks classy for the most part but I just wish they didn't use that cheap shiny plastic that you find on cheap computer monitors as the surrounding piece for their screen. The nice flat black that they use on the rest of the dash & door would look so much better.

Anonymous said...

Definitely warmer and more inviting than that new Golf which has about as much warmth as a gynecological exam room.

FFEMT6 said...

It will be under 35K, but that is for a 180hp 1.6 Turbo model. Granted,it will be for a fully equipped model if the Optima is priced in a similar manner as the Sonata. If and when Kia offers the same 2.5 Turbo that they have now announced for the Sonata N-line, more than likely it will cost considerably more than 35K and more in line with the Accord and Mazda 6 in which it competes.

Higgik said...

Love the way there is a family resemblance with the Telluride, the little 'shelf' running across the front just gives it a level of class. Both Korean brands have become the thinking persons choice instead of low end premium cars. Only idiots drive the base C-class now.

Harry_Wild said...

Love the dash and center console! Have to see the exterior now!