Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Faraday Future FF91

Instead of the Tesla competitor they aspire to be, Faraday Future seems to be more famous for their various financial problems over the past few years.
So I am surprised to see new pictures of the car today.

Of course, it looks quite nice and super futuristic. This interior would actually look great in a next generation Tesla Model S.

But again, the ongoing financial woes are a huge concern.
 Lucid is actually far ahead of FF since they have actually started building their factory a few weeks ago.
After  a debacle in Nevada a couple of years ago, FF isn't even mentioning a factory anymore. (The factory site went on sale for $40 millions a few months ago)

Great specs like 1050HP, 378 miles range, 50% charge in 4.5 Hrs using a 240 plug, etc...
But nothing about a delivery date. Or anything close...

Good luck...

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Anonymous said...

Glad you like the pictures.

I have a feeling the will do the Volvo shuffle by building cars in China.