Monday, November 25, 2019

Auto Show notes: VW Atlas SportCross

I have to say, the new 5 seater version of the Atlas looks much better than the regular model.
And since it is only a few inches shorter, there is tons of room inside.
With a huge cargo area.

But that interior is the same as the regular Atlas. The same interior that looked old and cheap when the Atlas came out a couple of years ago.
The fake wood looks more fake than ever. And there is still a lot of hard plastics around.
The silver painted plastic trim also looks pretty terrible. And will never pass for metal.

This is really a missed opportunity. To maybe spend a little bit more on the interior to make it a lot better.
Really too bad... I mean the new $22 000 Mazda CX-30 has an interior that looks and feels much more expensive than this.


Unknown said...

Words cannot express how cheap that passenger side air vent looks... wow

FFEMT6 said...

The current Atlas is one of the most unreliable new cars. There is no reason to believe that this sportier iteration will be any different.

Anonymous said...

Horrible gas mileage

Dave in Canada said...

Cheap looking, ugly and unreliable. What's not to love about it?