Monday, November 18, 2019

All new Lexus Electric SUV teaser

No, this is not the crazy futuristic LF-30 they just showed a few weeks ago at the Tokyo auto show.
This is actually a production model.

It could just be an EV version of their small UX SUV, or an all new model.

This is the current UX.
As you can see, it looks quite different from the teaser above.

An all electric small crossover from Lexus could be quite interesting.
Itlooks like the upcoming L.A show will be quite electrified...


Anonymous said...

Vince, you've been given false info/images. That teaser is NOT from the upcoming Lexus EV. It's the teaser for the Lexus LF-SA released back at the 2015 Geneva show. See here:

Vince Burlapp said...

Thanks for the info!
(and sorry...)