Thursday, November 21, 2019

2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer: what a nice surprise!

In my opinion, the new Trailbazer was one of the nicest surprise of the show.
We had seen official pictures of the RS version before. But in person, it does have quite a charming personality.
Especially, the Activ trim with its contrasting white roof.
the design, inside and out, is pretty clean and simple.
Much, much nicer than the over busy/complicated mess that is the new Kia Seltos.

Interior materials are all very nice and everything feels really solid. The rear seat is very roomy.
And you can even get a cool giant sunroof option.
This is basically the new Buick Encore GX's cousin, so specs are very similar.
As it uses the exact same 3 cylinder engines. 1.2 or 1.3 Liter. With up to 155HP.
And a CVT for all versions except the 1.3 Liter AWD which gets a 9 speed auto.

The Trailblazer has a very nice, simple personality to it. Like it is not trying too hard like, again, the Kia Seltos.
Plus, it will start at "under $20 000". Which is about $2000 less than the Kia...


Anonymous said...

Not bad, but the Chevy bowtie ruins it. It's unfortunate GM still hasn't updated or replaced.

Anonymous said...

Looks cute. If it isn't as unreliable as some of their cars, this could be a hit for GM.

Too Manly said...

Say what you will about the exterior, but the interior of the Seltos looks much more sophisticated and, dare I say, more premium than the Trailblazer's.

Anonymous said...

No rear vents, why?
I like the design but due to the fact that I wasted so much money in the past on unreliable GM, Ford and other American brand names vehicles, I won't be buying one of those brands anytime soon.