Wednesday, October 16, 2019

New wheels for the Tesla Model 3?

It looks like the Tesla Model 3 could be available a new wheel design very soon.
As the cars above are already on trucks! Being delivered.

The wheels look a lot like the design that has been already available on the larger Model S since last year.

These are the 21 inch on the Model S.

Not 100% sure if the new ones on the Model 3 are the same. But they could end up being quite an expensive option anyway.
I also wonder what else is new on the Model 3. Colors? trims?


Patrick said...

They appear to be the standard rims the Model 3 has always had...just in black:

Harry_Wild said...

I cannot wait to see if the Model S gets a new interior after 8 years! I hope it upgrades the screen resolution to HD and have a modern center console with bigger storage and have door bins.

Anonymous said...

Like mentioned before, those wheels have been available for a while, only this time they're black. The regular chrome are a $1500 option.