Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Mercedes GLB price

At $36 600 (including destination), the new GLB is, of course, priced in between the $34 300 "old" GLA. And the $42 500 GLA.
The GLA is due for a redesign very soon.
And that GLC is much more expensive. So basically, the GLB looks like the best deal.

But of course, most of the cool stuff is optional. Like the panoramic sunroof. Leather seats.
Ventilated seats. AWD. High-end sound system.
Only one engine is available. A 2.0 Liter with 221HP.

At least it's not "crazy expensive". And could compete well against the Acura RDX and others.
The GLB does offer a 3rd-row seat (probably an option?)

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FusioptimaSX said...

To think, I actually like this little bugger. Reminds me of a better Jeep Patriot.