Friday, September 06, 2019

2020 Kia Mohave Interior

It looks like Kia came out with a pretty fantastic interior for the revised 2020 Mohave SUV.
While the exterior is not, the interior is all new.
And one of the best in anything from Kia.

As previously mentioned, this is not coming to the US, since it would be about the same price and size as the new Telluride.
But it could still work. I mean there is room in Chevrolet showrooms for both the Tahoe and Traversde.

So why not...


Anonymous said...

With quality interiors like this, who needs buying "luxury" brands?

Anonymous said...

It looks a little dated already. It reminds me of BMW or Mercedes interiors from the mid 2000s.

Anonymous said...


The exterior is pure trash. The interior is lovely, though.