Wednesday, August 14, 2019

VW T-Roc Cabriolet

I guess VW still thinks there is a future for a convertible SUV...
It didn't work for range Rover with their Evoque Convertible. And the Nissan Murano convertible was a huge flop as well.
But, VW is arrogant enough to think a VW SUV convertible will be a hit.

So here is a soft top 2 door version of the compact T-Roc.
Which means it basically replaces the Beetle Convertible in their line up.
Which is sad. Since the T-Roc cabriolet looks as exciting as a brick. And a poor replacement for the cool Beetle.

The interior is similar to the regular version. Which means plenty of bits from many previous VW models. (even the Beetle)

This, of course, will not be sold in the US. Since we are not getting the T-Roc in the first place.

Which means, no more VW convertible for us anymore...


FFEMT6 said...

🤔, nope. From the company that gave us #Dieselgate

Anonymous said...

I actually don't hate this. It's ridiculous and a bit embarrassing, but at least it has a shred of charisma, something lacking from 90% of modern VWs or most other small SUVs. You would notice it if you saw one on the street, unlike most of these crossovers.

PGA said...

You are too much worried for a car that will not sell in the USA.

This car is quite small. Something made in small numbers for the wannabes.

Some people like that sort or nonsense: